Saturday, January 29, 2022

Corner time

You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

Please click the above pic...


 Further more our friend at Spanking Emporium as started to publish an old story of mine which was edited, and hopefully improved.

 Red Tennis Knickers part 4, the epilogue.

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  1. A world of black n white, when bottoms gotten very red!

    Sure thing, B! It was normal. Corner time Confidential :-)
    Your rouge botty shading is exquisite, B!! On drawings one & two. So love the 1950s feeling on these (or even a 1940s feeling!)
    Momma's designer hairbrush on number one is lovely!! Boo-Hoo!
    Oh my! Also a Nu West feeling on these.

    I love drawings 3 and 4. And also the O&P link tab-drawing above (more rouge!)

    I first discovered spanking art in the early editions of Janus in the mid 1970s! And then Roue, of course. I was absolutely mesmerised from the get go. Prior to that, I was searching through my 1950s comics ha-ha!
    Wonderful, timeless selection. Thanks, B.
    Brenda xx

  2. Drwg 3 is a Paula Meadows, but not sure about number 4, Paula or one of the Roué artists ? Number 6 is Anton. As for tje link-tab I have no idea!
    B xx