Thursday, January 13, 2022

How to use an old school desk or a good chair...


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  1. Is she technically standing on the naughty step in photo 3, B ?

    :-) xx

    I do love photo 3. Strict aunty knows how to adjust the attitude of her naught niece, from one of your great stories in 2020, already!


    "The best lessons are learned over a bare bottom", B ?!
    (quoting mommy, Mrs Cooper, aka Tasha Lee, in Strictmoor Academy, Spring Break Scene 4)

    Oh my! And your second photo is such a powerful, nostalgic reminder of the mid 1970s when Janus, then Roue, had such great reporting & authentic analysis of how daughters gotten chastised at home as part of a normal, "par for the course" culture of societal mores. Oh my!
    I so love those rather amateurish, realistic, "vintage" photographs of the time.

    Likewise, that iconic first image from Blushes - groundings & timeouts are best after a bare botty skelping, B. Not instead of!

    I vividly remember such authoritative times, experiences & punishments upon the seat of learning (in its unprotected state, as shown!) And I love the antique school desks in photos 1 & 2.

    It's such a lovely montage as always, B, thank you. The anticipation of your Thursday "kick-off" to your weekend quartet of stinging posts is beyond excitement!!
    Big Hugs, loud Boo-Hoos & inevitable, unescapable n unbearable smackabotties to ya!
    Brenda xx

  2. Hiya! What I like about pic one is her opened mouth for sure saying ouch! Pic 2 is only the illustration of that special use of an old school desk. Pic 3 is more interesting with her knickers around her ankles which spells bare butt or cul nu. Pic 4 is my fav, with her knickers stretched between her thighs she's waiting and expecting it.
    Hugs and smacks
    B xx

  3. Hi! Brigitte, how is that for timing, you used the same set of pictures today as the Grumpy old fart Chris Haslop. Great minds think alike??? Bye for now. Jenny

  4. Hiya Jenny, Grimpy got those pics from me and gave a return link to me.
    B winks

  5. Hi! Brigitte, so that's how it works?? that's good, that way nobody misses out. Bye for now, Jenny

  6. An inventive, dual-purpose desk: diligent homework plus corporal punishment for naughty daughters.

    Why yes, B. Wonderful photo 2 shows the exact practical use of this desk when chastisement with the rod is required. For sure, I am recently mesmerised to discover on your Blog (your post, Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Detention...) that this fascinating artefact was a desk designed by an engineer in 1888; who understood its duality & ingenuity - both for his daughter's earnest homework & also for applying the Rohrstock cane to her bare buttocks (while containing her movement) when normal punishment was shown above in photo 2.

    Oh my! So I humbly envisage my mother punishing my sister or me in one of those lovely desks at home in Atlanta US, back in the 1960s ha-ha!

    Whoopings for y'all Southern girls were simply par for the course in those strict, conservative times, & so I can vividly imagine my mother bringing that desk home... along with the dreaded rattan cane (a proper Christian-compliant, "rod of correction", which she actually purchased in 1965!)

    When recalcitrant & requiring my attitude adjusted! I would be asked to climb into that desk, already, legs through the gap, thus ensuring my entrapment! My mother would raise my 1950s Southern belle dress & then pull down my 1950s, cotton, white, traditional panties (Ol' fashioned, full-sized, shorty-briefs, Carter's-style knickers)

    Oh my! After due scolding, the disconcerting, cool, scary breeze on my squishy-white, fairy-soft botty would be ferociously replaced by the shock of a baker's dozen of hard smacks with the cane upon the sensitive bare skin of my backside, in front of God. I would scream the same for sure. And then my panties would be pulled up the same for sure. And I would be sent to my room.

    I can imagine my most conspicuous, chubby, dazzling-alabaster-white botty bending over the desk, ready for the almighty harsh smack of the cane, framed by my rich, golden brown sun tan & starkly defined, trademark, Southern tan lines! Oh my! What a picture.

    That indeed was my actual childhood punishment, albeit of course, bending over the sofa, soft cotton panties pulled down, in the living room or alternatively, bending over my bed with my pink pyjama bottoms pulled down to expose my bare hiney for the cane in the evening. Sound whoopings for my sister & me were just a normal, routine, necessary foundation of family life back in the 60s & 70s...but that lovely metal "cage of a " desk would sure have made our childhood spankings even more exotic!!!
    Brenda xx