Friday, February 18, 2022

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  1. Bad Hair Day

    Love the baseball hats on photo one. Interesting hair designs, B ? I could imagine some New Moral Order bare bottom canings warranted here, already ? Firm but kind guidance, perhaps ?

    I loved to wear those snuggy, "modern-era" athletics shorts (close-huggy-panty-knicks) back in my Track n Field High School/Uni days, B. Oh my! They were deemed too risque for the gym, but were fine al fresco, on the starting blocks & on those inner and outer bends ;-)
    Hugs n thanks.
    Brenda xx

  2. I hadn't noticed the naughty hairdo! Yes, six of the best, shorts down and bending over the tennis net!
    B xx

  3. More shorts (and panties pulled down) - sports & spanking

    Oh my! As you know, dearest B, I love my cheerleading, tennis & track n field...have done for ever & a day! As the summer tennis gotten played in Europe: Madrid, Rome, Paris, and now to grass courts in the UK; I am reminded how much I love Chris Evert & Serena Williams, among others, over decades. Two superheroes who I so admire, B. And yup! They both gotten their bare bottoms tanned growing up, thank the Lord! :-)

    Oh my! I so remember Lil' Miss Chris Evert's first Wimbledon final in 1973, fifty years' ago, already, B! Zut Alors!! She was just 18. I was 14 & her big teenage fan. Then the following year she won it, 1974. And again, her third title in 1981. Reaching ten Wimbledon finals in total. She loved Wimbledon. Y'all Americans do, B.
    Pray, y' all tennis players do!!

    Of course, Chrissy had even greater success at Blushing Meadows :-) Roland Garros & the Australian; & I now love to hear her incisive, brilliant insight & commentary on American TV (ditto the gorgeous Tracy Austin) Oh my! I always gotten a big girly crush on Chris Evert. She is four years' older than me; & I was mesmerized to hear she gotten her bare bottom spanked (OTK) by her strict father, who was her tennis did her two sisters. Why, it's no surprise, B, y'all American girls gotten their shorts & knicks lowered & their sensitive-skinned hides whipped! But seeking confirmation for Chrissy, decades ago, was mesmerizing.

    I do soooo miss Janus' OBB & its factual reporting of naughty girl celebrities in trouble with their moms n pops!! Chrissy still refers to her childhood & strict father today, generally (including as super coach) & her own values, quite frequently on TV; but in this PC/wokerati world, spankings are never referred too, naturally, B.

    Oh my! But I know different when Lil' Miss Chrissy says her dad was strict, ha-ha!!! Boo-Hoo! Chrissy is four years' older than me, raised in the 1960s - when bare botty thrashings at home were considered kind, firm guidance (quite right too, B!!!) & simply "par for the course" for naughty daughters, as they say in tennis :-)

    The Gym Lesson - another sporting context was this 1979 silent film from Janus. I've written about this in your blog, B. Oh my! This film had a big impact on me, along with Late for School (1978), The School Lesson (1979) and The Riding Lesson (1978)
    I so loved it, when the teacher pulled down their knickers & caned their bare botties (just like my mother did to sister & me) in such an authentic fashion. I support corporal punishment, thank the Lord, so I was happy to see this. Moreover, I was attending university back then & using the campus gym almost every it was all so apt & lovely!

    Spanking & sports is very much, for me, an American observation, B. Less so a Janus/Roue context. Many of my besties, including my African American girlfriends, in track n field, gotten their panties pulled down & their bare botties smacked by strict mommas with the strap at home (or a few like me, with the cane) in the 1960s & 1970s. It was all just normal & necessary in yore, B.

    Within Janus & the UK/European context in the 70s, spanking & sports was less of a factor, although references to blue gym knickers & say, cross country running or hockey were delightfully thrown in now & again.
    Big hugs n nostalgic Boo-Hoos n skelped-yore-sore botties, B.
    Strict Brenda xx