Saturday, February 5, 2022

Short shorts in color, mainly red

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 Further more our friend at Spanking Emporium as started to publish an old story of mine which was edited, and hopefully improved.

Echo - part 1 

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  1. Daisy Duke's and the hazards of Hazzard County!

    Yeah, funny art - I was born in Hazzard County, Georgia in 1959, B. Ha-ha! OK, Hazzard County is fictitious already, (Dukes of Hazzard early 1980s TV series) but our Daisy Duke's cutey-shorts were grounded in reality. A sure fine totem of Georgia... along with baseball caps, naturally.

    I was born into conservative, suburban Atlanta (1959) & for sure, when daughters misbehaved at home, they gotten their Daisy Duke's & panties pulled down for a proper bare bottom blistering with the strap from mom or pop. Or indeed from aunty or uncle. Or even from the babysitter/care giver! It was all just normal "Southern spankings", already. "I'll tan your hide, young lady!"

    For sister & me in the 1960s/70s it was slightly different. We gotten our Daisy Dukes & panties pulled down for a blistering on our bare, porcelain-white botties with the flexible, rattan cane. That was mom's implement of choice over all our years. She eschewed the more typical strap & kept the cane in the cupboard for our bare bums. We girls thought nothing of it. It was all just normal & necessary discipline for y'all.
    Hugs n thanks.
    Daisy Duke's Brenda xx

  2. Quite embarrassing to have your short shorts showing that you were punished!
    B winks

  3. Oh Yes for sure, B. Although punished, red skin under shorts or swimming costumes was normal for girls in the South, B!! It was not so much embarrassing as par for the course! With outdoor swimming pools n all!!

    Forgot to say, so love your Echo story appearing on Asa Jones' site above. Love the Janus covers integrated...especially the first one, January 1980 Vol 9 number 1, with naughty daughter's cotton, white knickers pulled down by mom just sufficiently, for the tan lines & purest, alabaster-white botty reveal for the cane

    ...indeed, that was the classic view I gotten of my sister at home countless times, growing up: the "breeze on the botty moment", mom's stern scolding in front of God & mom's deliberate use of the interminable, long delay tactics before the smack of the cane - just to let the gravity of the situation sink in! To let the brutal, stark bareness of your botty register in your mindset as you look at the cane with fear. Oh my! It was just a normal, necessary parental spanking, B. But never underwhelming or forgotten, of course!
    Hugs xx :-)
    Brenda xx