Saturday, March 5, 2022

B&W cane sting


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Further more our friend at Spanking Emporium as started to publish an old story of mine which was edited, and hopefully improved.

Echo - part 5

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  1. Best Swishes to you, B :-)

    Well, I so love your Echo part 5 on Asa's blog, today, B. Nice confession from Marjorie that I can relate too! Oh my! That lovely, gorgeous girl in cobalt blue with her glasses (& Arnica ha-ha!) with her bike...surely she is the naughty schoolgirl, drawing number one, above :-)
    With those posh boaters flying in the air, already. Her end of term antics need discipline ? Love the reverse angle here: naughty school tie & her most curvy undraped botty perfectly accentuated. Wonderful! Looks so normal, if vintage: Enid Blyton-esque. And before the welcome New Moral Order genre, I guess, this pencil sketch ha-ha!

    These drawings are all superlative, B, thank you. Every one! I especially love that last one by Eilean Beithe. Oh my! Her chastised, unbearable stingy botty is transposed trough her rigid posture, tip toes & perfect, pointy fingers, "dancer prancer"...throwing the ferocious botty-sting out into the ether through focused extremities. Flinging out the harmless, salutary pain. Her perfect, angelic poise like a naughty lil' ballet dancer in big trouble with papa. And her grimace is just priceless, B.
    I sure know how she feels from my strict upbringing!!!These drawings are beyond visceral, B.

    Soooo looking forward to the next instalment of the latest "BotSet" tomorrow, Pom-pom part 2 :-)
    Hugs n smackabotties to you.
    Brenda xx

  2. That pic for Echo part 5 I took from Asa and edited it, I added the skirt. The first drawing is by Hardcastle and it is indeed unusual. I also have a soft spot for the last one the one from Alex of Eilean Beithe. Its one of his best!
    Hugs a smacks!
    B xx