Friday, March 25, 2022

Exposing the seat of learning...

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  1. The breeze on the botty moment of truth!

    Oh my! Awesome selection and theme, dearest B :-)
    Your daily bread surprise from Thurs-Sun is sooooo thrilling, thank the Lord.

    Yes, why y'all sure do remember the breeze on the botty moments, B. So scary! So necessary. So momentary, yet eternal. A few seconds of "deculottes" seems like a lifetime, B. Harmless Hell indeed. SMACK! SMACK!

    Photo 5 is my absolute fave, naturally. In fact, it is one of my absolute fave photos of all time, B! One for my memoirs front cover, already.
    This photo was the front cover of Janus, January 1980.
    42 years' young and counting, B! Oh my! That month's edition greeted my 21st birthday. I remember it all so well.

    That photo is my sister getting the cane from mom in our suburban living room in the 1960s & 70s. It was exactly like that. That is how it gotten done, which I found mesmerising to see replicated here in Janus (I still do!)

    My sister's 1950s, traditional, church-compliant, cotton, white, wholesome-all-American panties taking a lil' sad tumble. And her stark, trademark, Southern, sun tan lines & her chubby, squishy-soft, dazzling-whiter-than-alabaster-white botty fully revealed as shown, for her required chastisement with the rattan rod in front of God. That was my view. I was holding the darn camera already B, ha-ha :-)
    ...if not a "super 8mm home video camera", like Harrison Marks in Janus!!

    Great post! Thanks, B.
    Hugs n a bunch of stingy-scarlet-reddy-raw-poor-sore-botties to you.
    Brenda xx

    1. Hahahaha : squishy-soft-dazzling-whiter-than-alabaster-white-dazzling-whiter-than-alabaster-white
      I couldn't resist adding an hyphen to make it more squishy!
      My fav has to be the 4th, she has that Oh! face for la déculottée!
      Hugs n smackies
      B xx