Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lovely blue dresses (and with missing pic)

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  1. Southern belle dresses - church, cheerleading, country & chastisement.
    Whuppin's and whoopings...

    Such perfect, lush, smarty-arty dresses, B (and panties too!) Just so delightful & pretty. We are all sugar n spice n all things nice, B. And how our panties gotten pulled down for bare bottom skelpings. Boo-Hoo!!

    Sooooo love those crushingly-cute, cringingly-pretty lil' girl blue, goody two-shoes dresses, B. "Well, how darn polite & well-mannered you are, already, young lady!" :-)

    I sure wore those a whole bunch in the 1960s & 70s. A Southern rite of passage. And Lindy Hop styles, naturally. All pristine, prim n proper, our finest attire for church. All conservative, rule-bound & religiously compliant. And perfectly presented with our fairy-soft, squishy-white, chubby botties all snuggy n cosy, duly ensconced, encased & contained in our traditional, dazzling-white, cotton panties. All demure and deferential. Just Oh soooo respectful of protocols, tactful procedures, etiquette and the so called "authorities" ("Why! Or else, young lady!!")

    And so when I was a naughty lil' princess brat in those super-smart dresses in yore, facing mom's spanking stick in the living room (her rattan cane) I sure was obsessed with the pending "mechanics of the breeze on the botty moment", B :-)

    Was it gonna be: hands on head, panties to knees, feel the breeze, maternal scolding, bend over the sofa, blue dress raised, cane to my bare botty ?

    Or was it gonna be: hands on head, maternal scolding, bend over the sofa, blue dress raised, panties to knees, feel the breeze, cane to my bare botty ?

    Oh my! The scary variety of Spartan rituals eh ? Is it just me, B. Or are y'all obsessed with the spanking process & details ha-ha!

    Love the final photo: A quiet fireplace chat with papa (he is real mad) ?! A stingy metaphor - why, yes, a knickers down whuppin' with the cane was like holding your bare botty right into the bum licking flames of the fire. Except of course, a whuppin' was was totally harmless, normal and necessary!!
    Hugs, blue dresses, white panties n smackie botts to ya, B!
    Brenda xx

  2. A few weeks ago I had the first pic, but missed the second. I had to have them together and added that other famous blue dress. Oh the feeling of corner time with your dress up in front and back...
    Whuppins and Hugs ;)
    B XX

  3. How cute Brigitte, thank you. Jenny.

  4. The bottom two images are great, I saw one on Twitter and commented that I had been distracted by the tiles on the fireplace, the original poster sent me another image of the same young lady holding the cane which is just visible on the second image.

  5. Thanks, that gives me an idea for a few pics about "bring me the cane."
    B ;)