Sunday, March 27, 2022

Pom-pom part 6

The Cowboys girls showed us how to conclude our French cancan with splits. Captain Veronica had our coach frowning when she asked, "What about having those who can't do a good split turn around, bend over and wriggle their bums as classic cancan dancers do?"
"Yes, but it must be done in good taste and spirit!"
A few weeks later it was Game Day hosted at home. The commentator announced, "Russel Tigers vs the Austin Spurs, and our cheerleaders the Russel Stars will debut their new routine. Please welcome them!"
We took to the center of the field and mounted our new three level pyramid with Veronica doing a split on the shoulders of the two girls on top. Next the pyramid seemed to crumble in slow-mo with Vero and the two top girls slowly tumbling down and lower levels similarly followed...
Then the game started with us cheering, "Go get them Tigers !" I mused at the size of the boys with their padding and helmets with mouth guards. How come they have as many injuries as the boys back home playing rugby.

Then someone from behind me said that they use the pads to hit, and to protect. If they didn’t have them there wouldn’t be anyone left on the field before the first quarter. Then suddenly a cheer went up, and I saw that the Tigers made an interception and scored!

For half time we had our longest routine with Belinda and Lilla doing handstands with splits on the raised hands of teammates. Then they bounced off the ground to stand on their partners shoulders for cancan steps. Loulou, Abigail and I did our highest number of back flips so far, and wheeled around the pitch. We were all loudly applauded!

The boys were back on the field for the second half. In the first play one of the Tigers was down and had to be carried off the field, then someone said, “He’s okay, just got the wind knocked out of him."

The Tigers made another score and the game ended with 14-7 for them. I saw lots of players dirty, cut, and bruised as they ran as best they could off the field while we applauded them.

The game was over, we did our French Cancan with splits, and a few turned around, bend forward, lifted their skirts which weren't covering much in such a position, and wriggled their bums...
Some one had more spirit than good taste!

We next had showers and changed into dry cheer uniforms before joining the boys for their after game barbecue and party. The quarter back gave his girlfriend Veronica a breathless kiss with both hands on her bum, and she blushed. Everyone cheered!
A tall running back offered me a mug with a wink. I saw white frost and tasted, it was beer! I winked back. He introduced himself, "I am Jack and you are Elisabeth also known as Babette!"
I smiled, "And you were one of the boys who backed Belinda when she slapped that bully after my encounter with the college's principal."
He replied, "I would have loved to rub some cream on your bum..."
I laughed, "Ah! You are such a romantic!"
"Would you like another mug?"
"Are you trying to get me drunk?"
"I wouldn't dare!"
I giggled, "Quite wise, I am French!"
He had an embarrassed smile and offered, "Lets get a few of those ribs..."
He got a tray and I loaded it, then we went outside by the pool. He cleverly lead towards a double lounge chair. I sat and with my knees up my short cheerleader skirt rode down my thighs. It is said that you shouldn't be a cheerleader if you don't like showing your legs.
He was bursting at the seems, he was having a few ribs with the French girl Babette who was too hot for him according to the quarter back. One of the boys who were steering my sisters towards the loungers by the pool turned most lights off. Our coach turned them back on, and a few boohs were heard. Then all the clubhouse's ground floor lights were turned off. Some one had pulled out a fuse.
Only the exits lights and those of the pool had remained. I felt an arm over my shoulders. I heard a few girlish giggles and a slap. One of the boys must have moved too fast, but he got a second chance as no girl was seen running.
I felt a hand cupping one of my knees and finger tips titillating one of my nipples through my jersey. I puckered and got a big kiss with a tongue teasing mine. It was a real French kiss!
Babette and Loulou
To be continued...
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  1. A red botty walking...and dancing!

    Yoh! That visual is sensational, B :-)
    Tigers Bum-in-Chief :-)

    "The game was over, we did our French Cancan with splits, and a few turned around, bend forward, lifted their skirts which weren't covering much in such a position, and wriggled their bums..."

    And Oh my! How much later...the neighbours could hear papa's resounding leather strap, repeatedly skelping those very same bare, schoolgirl buttocks of that naughty cheerleader, already, B! What a disgrace!

    "Moon me now!" Said Papi. GULP!

    Boo-Hoo! And how she sure did throw some fine cheerleader shapes to while away the unbearable stingy-botty in her bedroom!
    Big hugs n spanks, B.
    Brenda xx

    1. A wink
      Hugs n smackies
      B xx

  2. Hi! Brigitte, very good story, I've seen the bare cheerleader before, was it on your site or Dev's? I can't remember. Bye for now, Jenny.

  3. That cheerleader princess gotten papa's strap on her bare botty. Why, yes, it was a 99% probability in Georgia.

    OK, B, it was a 90% probability at least ha-ha! It was normal.

    Y'all daughters gotten spanked when I was a child, B (born 1959). On bare bottoms too. There was no wokerati PC thank the Lord!
    Good parents were strict!

    I sooooo love this gif. One of my fave anywhere... of all time. For me, it is emotional, visceral & nostalgic. Great happy memories, B.

    First: happy memories of cheerleading with my besties over many years. Go you Braves!! Atlanta has always been the home of baseball, B :-)

    Second: Happy times as a Southern belle: a goody, two-shoes all-American girl. Oh my! Family life was sugar candy sweet. It was very conservative, religious & based on Christian values. Church attendance & Bible Class was obligatory, fun and regular each week. Chaperones were par for the course. Obedience essential.
    Corporal punishment was the foundation stone of family life for me and my sister - spare the rod spoil the child was the mantra

    Third: this gif of a finest, bare, soft botty evokes strong memories of my spankings at home. Of whoopings & whippings. From the get-go, sister & me gotten our bare backsides thrashed over many years from mom (& pop much less so)....across childhood, tweens & teens. Initially hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon....then soon the CANE!

    This girl in the gif gotten her bare bottom skelped with her father's strap & her mother's hickory stick. Good behaviour & punishment needs to be mandatory B . Bare bottom spankings are suitably harsh but harmless.

    Sure was the same for me: the botty-smacker for me as a child was not the strap, but mom's special spanking stick (which she purchased just before my seventh birthday) The "spanking stick" was a very thin, extremely flexible piece of rattan cane of the very highest order & quality. It was beyond swishy. It stung like absolute Merry Hell because of its fine, crafted, quality and, because..... dear mother always pulled our knickers down so we would feel it hard and real nasty on bare skin. Mom was never ever gonna spank us through panties in a thousand years. No fear, B!!!! "Bare botties on show" was the rule in accordance with Spartan, Southern & Christian values & conservative social mores.

    That terrible cane SWISHED AND SNAPPED-back up across the sensitive surface-skin layers of our bare, round, chubby botties. It bounced and flicked and smacked & snapped (not literally) with all its whippy-stingy-motion. We always gotten 12 firm, proper strokes and we screamed the house down. It was darn harsh!!! That was the punishment. Period.

    Our elderly, pious neighbours heard the stick smacking the bare flesh of our bums. And moreover, our loud raucous banshee wailing & crying! "Biblical switchings" they said with approval.

    Mother said that caning our bare bottoms was "kind". What ?!!!
    Oh my!!! She of course meant "kind" in the Christian tradition of loving chastisement, nurturing and bare bottom discipline in front of God. Parents who care, cane!
    Or for this naughty yet gorgeous green cheerleader (in the photo) girl's parents ...parents who care, strap! And strap that bare bottom (good and sound!) that we can see so beautifully exposed in its tender bare state above.
    CP good. PC bad.
    Strictly Raised 1950s Brenda xx