Thursday, April 14, 2022

A poor report card paid in full

You are invited to play with us !

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  1. certainly was Brigitte! Bye for now, Jenny.

    1. Yoh Jenny /me waving
      Pity that her eyes are closed with pic two when she's sassing back.
      She shouldn't have talked back, she might have avoided that tanning with the strap.
      B xx

  2. CP NOT PC

    Sensible, church-compliant, 1950s gingham dress ? (check).
    Traditional, Ol' fashioned, 1950s, dazzling-white, sensible, cotton knickers ? (check).
    Bare bottom skelped scarlet at home as appropriate ? (check).
    Just facts of life, B. Nothing more. Nothing less!

    Oh my! That delightful, pretty, green gingham dress is soooooo crushingly-cute and cringingly marvellous, B. (I gotten a bunch of those.)

    I remember those gingham dresses & all the conservative, Bible Class-appropriate, Southern belle, pretty cotton dresses and super-sensible, super-sized, big, snuggy, bright-white panties (mom gotten a job lot from the store)

    Rosaleen is such a Southern-style, naughty lil' belle here, B: let's hear her loud, raucous banshee-botty-wailing, while having her tender, bare backside blistered a good'un with mommy's strap! That was normal stern guidance for y'all girls in Georgia. Par for the course, already.

    Only slightly different for sister & me, already - we gotten our cotton, white panties pulled don for the ferocious sting of the cane on our bare buttocks (rather than he strap). Quite right too! No That was the punishment. That was life. No wishy-washy discipline. This is sooooo impossibly delightful, authentic, nostalgic, no-nonsense...and ultra-visceral thank you, B :-)
    Big hugs n nasty smackabotties to you.
    Brenda xx

  3. And sassing back with pic two earned her the strap.
    And in the corner with a well tanned bum!
    Hugs back n smackies!
    B xx