Saturday, April 30, 2022

More from Sarah-Jane and a curiosity


Thanks to Asa for those pics

Drawing by Anton

The above J Guile drawing seemed to have been inspired by the previous two and especially the second one, or were they both from the same author?
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 Further more our friend Asa at Spanking Emporium has started to publish our four hands story :

Marie and Jean met Lucy and George

 part six

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  1. Love naughty Sarah-Jane's straw boater with green ribbon & matching school tie, B. One thing I always coveted in Janus was the naughty girl wearing a boater for the cane. The delicious, scary irony of having a boater on her pretty head, but no knickers on her poor botty seemed so incongruent...but yet of course, also so congruent and well, normal!!!

    It is just the reality of CP. Oh my! Growing up with corporal punishment aplenty at home in the 1960s & 70s, I always loved artists & photographers that juxtaposed this normal with the less normal ie panties down, bare bottom was just normal, but the boater/hat in-situ was less normal!! It gave a powerful, visceral experiential effect (alas, very experiential, Boo-Hoo!!!)

    And none more so that your truly awesome final drawing by Julian Guile, over forty years' old in Janus!. I sooooo love this drawing, The Detention Room, B. Love her pained expression and her poor pouty-sore botty! Boo-Hoo! Not fair!! Tough Love in action.
    (a harmless well-deserved traditional, chastisement she is receiving. No naughty steps needed here, B! Some nice dry humour & schadenfreude illustrated too)

    For sure, the smack of mother's cane on my bare botty at home growing up in the American South in the 1960s, was nothing like this "Detention" picture at first consideration. But then punishments were absolutely exactly like this very picture!!!

    YUP! Oh my! Whoopings were simply nothing but normal & necessary! J Guile captures here, the harsh reality of a traditional, no-nonsense, well-smacked bottom that y'all girls deserved & gotten a good'un.
    Big hugs n stern botty skelpings to you, B (J Guile style, naturally!).
    Brenda xx

    1. Yoh!
      Interesting similarities between those 3 drawing from different artists.
      In the second one the pegs with the knickers, imagine having to hang your knickers from a peg before seating for detention...
      I have to figure out how to include that in a story!
      Hugs and see you in detention!
      B xx