Saturday, April 16, 2022

With colors




You are invited to role-play with us

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Further more our friend Asa at Spanking Emporium has started to publish our four hands story :

Marie and Jean met Lucy and George

 Part four 

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  1. Lovely, B. Your colours are a fine improvement. Picture one/two is fabulous. The cobalt blue really defines and accentuates the bareness, vulnerability and dazzling-opaline-whiteness of her pouty botty. That is so poignant and correct, already, because she has been required to meet her father for the cane in the study, after she gotten caught smoking at school.
    Likewise, I love the O&P link picture (the same scary, cute sequence) where the cobalt blue starkly delineates her chubby, bare, snow white botty AKA, the orthodox surface, bending over the chair for the rod.

    Oh my! This gorgeous redhead, in pictures 1 and 2, Lil' Miss Cobalt Botty Blue, sure needs this normal, harmless, appropriate chastisement in my opinion ;-)

    The final picture is special for me, one of Paula Meadows' first drawings in Janus, late 1970s/early 80s. I call it "the corrugated botty". It's a visceral reminder of my own bare bottom canings from mom in the living room, back in the 1960s. Love the green tie, and the red stripes, naturally! Again, "it's a wait til your papa arrives home", context! All very real in yore!! Quite right, too, B! No PC required, thanks a bunch, folks!
    Great art, dearest B.
    Nasty, recalcitrant, duly caned botty-bots back at ya, B!
    Huggies. Brenda xx

  2. Three and four with hair tied in bunches with little green ribbons and the prof, theres something there! Same with the pouty one being otk spanked.
    The dancing and rubbing her well caned bum is very special!
    Hugs B xx