Sunday, May 15, 2022

On the farm part 5

The young mailman had gone, and he must have had an eyeful of my belted bum. I imagined that I would be in his naughty dreams for some time. Auntie came back with my skirt and knickers. I was still smarting from the belting she had given me, but I now knew that the belt didn't compare with the cane, although I had so far received only one stroke of the rod. I pulled my knickers up and adjusted my skirt before rubbing.
Thanks to Agnes, and a bag of crushed ice plus our latest soothing balm, I sat without wriggling when back in class the next day. I nonetheless didn't avoid the teasing from the goody two shoes when it was time to change for gym. My bum was still colorful.
I suggested adding more Arnica to our after spanking concoction. Agnes agreed and added a pricey facial cream with snail slim. "Yuck!" She told me that it is made by L'Oreal. I changed my mind, and our old blender whizzed.
For the next month, I applied myself with Agnes' help, and wasn't punished. Phew!
One day, at school, our naughtiest classmate had pinched a number of racy mags from her older brothers and shared them with a few of us. Agnes and I got one.
We returned to our favorite barn to educate ourselves. We tried to be more discreet than when we had played with Alfred, but we soon laughed when we read the naughty stories. "Boys are such dorks!"
Uncle Tobias overheard us and investigated. I tried to hide that magazine under my skirt, but it fell to the ground. The cover didn't leave much for imagination. Uncle picked it up with a frown. "What is that filth?"
We didn't have to answer. We were expecting him to pull out his belt, but he sat on a ball of hay and grabbed one of my ears as if I was a ten-year-old. He pulled me over his knees and raised my school skirt. I tried to stop him from lowering my knickers. He grabbed my hand and held my arm behind my back. I kept my legs as tightly closed as possible, but that didn't stop my knickers from coming down. I was soon bare bum, and ready to be chastised.
Mum had given me a few hand spankings, but the one Uncle Tobias gave me was from another league.
He was much stronger that Mum, and 'thanks' to farm work he had callous hands. After a dozen smacks, my bum was burning, and he kept going, and also smacked my thighs. I got one hundred spanks. I was too busy pedaling my legs left and right to count them, but he had done so out loud.
Back on my feet with brimming eyes, and with my knickers still around my knees, I had both my hands under my skirt, rubbing my fiery bum. I watched Agnes being spanked. At first she valiantly kept her legs tightly closed, but after two dozen smacks she started pedaling as if racing for the Tour de France. I blushed as I saw what she was showing and knew that I had offered the same shameful spectacle.
On our way back home, a few farmhands were laughing. Hopefully they had only overheard the smacks and our girlish bawling.
A week later, the science mistress caught Agnes whispering in class and gave her a pink slip to be signed by parents. Auntie was less than pleased! Agnes got the same belting I got. In the entrance hall she was told to remove her skirt and knickers. "Grab the stairs' railing, stick your bottom out, and part your legs. I want you to feel the shame of being belted on the bare as a silly school girl!"
Auntie was no slosh with me, but I felt that she was more severe with her daughter. Later I waited for her with our improved after spanking balm.
Next morning we were surprised that her bum wasn't as red as mine after the same roasting. She giggled. "We could make a fortune with the E and A après fessée balm." I laughed. "Oh la la! With a French name, we could make it pricier!" We again twitched the formula with adding essential oils of baobabs and menthol.
Uncle Tobias and Auntie Martha weren't only about spanking us. They were also very generous and built a swimming pool just because we had asked for one. They allowed us to have great birthday parties by our pool and laughed when our boyfriends threw us into the water. They bought us superb electric bikes. They served our meals in bed when we had a cold and installed a telly in our rooms.
Elizabeth and Agnes
To be continued...

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  1. what a cute story Brigitte, thank you. Bye for now, Jenny.

  2. I had to do a part with that pic!
    B xx

  3. Is that an English barn, a French one or a Georgia woodshed, B :-)

    Dearest B, what a sensational episode, already! Oh my! One of your very best. Soooo love the Apres Fessee Balm, ha-ha-ha! I am laughing into my bourbon :-)
    Essential oils for sensitive skin eh? Post TLC from stern Papi.
    A Janus accessory range, me thinks? Why, the French would be so good at that, B!! Soothing perfumes n cream with your normal Martinet purchase. GULP!

    Well, such awesome synchro of narrative with that photo, B. And what an iconic photo it is, B!! Oh my! Oh my! Was there ever such a legendary photo gracing the top shelf in store eh ? :-)
    A more nostalgic, essential visual ?

    It was the front cover of Janus in Spring 1978. Goodness!!! Forty four years' ago. I remember it so clearly.
    It was the most pioneering, vivid, visceral photo I ever saw. And the earliest too, already! I found it compelling and mesmerising. But it was not exotic. For me, was just normal. Bare bottom spankings were a fact of life That is exactly how y'all daughters gotten disciplined at home in the 1960s/70s in Georgia, UK and France. And often in public too.

    These incredible "stills" from The Riding Lesson film were beutifully authentic in that edition of Janus magazine (and all those early volumes in the 1970s). Y'all Southetn belles' bare botties gotten whooped real sore at home in yore. Oh my!

    This photo seems even more of a genius totem in retrospect, B?
    Given all the PC nonsense that followed a few years' later in the UK, and which forced Janus to change their original realistic covers (like this one) to more conventional "fashion model" type images. The Riding Lesson, Gym Lesson and School Lesson were a seminal golden age, B.

    Uncle Tobias is just doing his strict, kind duty and guidance, as my mother would say!! Due diligence for daughters!
    Huggles, thanks and botty-barn-blisterings to you, B. Great story :-)
    Brenda xx

  4. I hadn't written that story for that pic, but they are made for each other! Very pleased that you like it :-)
    B xx