Thursday, June 23, 2022

Paddle XXL

You are invited to role-play with us

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(Adults only)

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  1. Always such a tantalising wait from Sunday to Thursday, B ;-)

    Oh my! Naughty Lil' Miss Amelia- Jane and her superlative of superlative botties. SMACK! SMACK!

    Ably chastised by stern Earl Grey.
    Love photos three and five (last one) Message gotten through!! Love the skirt flipped up, naturally.
    Sensational, B, thanks a bunch.

    In Georgia in yore, I always gotten to state that "The paddle at school was applied over clothed bottoms. The paddle at home was applied over unclothed bottoms". Sure thing, B.

    I never gotten the paddle at home. It was only the cane for me and lil' sister from mom at home (bare botty, always). I say only!!! Good Lord!! Oh my!!

    I also never gotten the paddle at school - the "spanking at school means a spanking at home" rule for y'all daughters was too scary to contemplate, B!!
    Lovely series. Hugs n paddles to you.
    Goody two-shoes Brenda xx

  2. Pics 3 and 5 are also my favs ;)
    Pic 3, super botty for super paddle!
    Pic 5 with the mirror, message gotten through!
    Also a special mention for the link pic, quite contrite, pulling up knickers with a stingy bottom.
    Hugs and smacks!
    B xx

  3. So happy you like 3 and 5, B ;-)
    Yes, panties up over stingy botty on the link. Always the debate about pulling up your own knickers, or whether it's hands on heads to have them pulled back up to you ?!!

    Amelia's poor, unprotected botty gotten a well-deserved, good dose of the cane from Dave Dodgy recently on B. Just sensational, already. Oh my! Visceral, sore memories for me Boo-Hoo :-)
    Check it out, B :-)

    Also, Earl Grey has chastised Belinda Lawson in recent years (almost exclusively). Belinda's pouty, marshmallow botty is also beyond superlative.
    Hugs n nasty spankybots, B.
    Brenda xx