Thursday, June 30, 2022

Polly's poor report card


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  1. Poor Polly's Botty - yes, she gotten a timeout (after a knickers-down caning)

    Oh my! Oh my! Awesome, B. Thank you! I cannot believe you posted this one :-)

    I soooooo love this montage, which could realistically adorn my memoirs front cover for sure!! Facts not fiction.
    And I adored it the very first time, hot off the press in one of the early Janus editions, very early 1980s.

    I love the strict, redoubtable lady with her cane. And the two last photos are just so legendary for me: cane to bare botty ?! Yup! Exactly how mother raised me and my sister in the 1960s. Naughty steps were light years' away!!! No PC nonsense.

    And the neighbours could hear the familiar, unmistakable SMACKS on the rattan "rod" on our naughty bare buttocks. And raucous banshee wailing to boot, naturally!

    It stings so, to see it again B. Boo-Hoo. Too authentic, already :-)
    Hugs n stingy,-botties to you, dearest, B.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. Janus 19, one of the classics. Nostalgian indeed! Why haven't I posted it earlier ?
    Huggs ad smackies
    B xx

  3. Brattitude Adjustment ?
    Yes, cane to bare botty - harmless, safe and salutary!

    This Janus photo montage is beyond truly awesome, B, thank you. Just soooooo brilliant!!
    Oh my! What a fave! Why, yes nostalgia stings a whole bunch, but it is also a timeless "how to guide" for dealing with naughty daughters & nieces! No psycho-babble required, B! Just following the instructions, already!

    Those sensational last two colour photos provide a practical guide and (stingy) image which keep appearing in my mindset & mindfulness when I am in the store or mall, B.

    Indeed, when I see recalcitrant, impossible lil' princess brats terrorizing their long-suffering moms & running amok....I firstly think (ruefully!!) how my mother punished me & my sister with her spanking stick soundly on our unknickered, bare botties when we gotten home from the store in yore!
    And secondly, I think how it serves as a timeless, salutary solution to bad behaviour & attitude adjustment!
    "Right then! Dress up. Panties down. And cane to a sensitive-skinned, bare botty, young lady ?!"
    "YUP! Noooooo! Boo-Hoo! Sure thing mommy!"
    Brenda xx