Friday, June 17, 2022

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  1. Don't spare the rod - Spartan TLC and tickle-tail with the cane are essential for naughty missies!

    Well, yes, just sensational, B,!!
    Not seen this before!!
    The reverse angle on 4 (Oh my!) and the cane to bare botty view on 5, are beyond visceral. I remember that!! Like seeing my lovely lil' sister (now in her early 60s, already haha!) receiving her whoopings with mom's cane. Oh my!

    So authentic, B. These darn photos sting like Hell :-)
    A bunch of botty cane-smacks, hugs and Boo-Hoos to you, B.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. I have also liked the "take your knickers down and fetch the cane" pic.
    B xx

  3. Daughter's bad behaviour = botties gotten caned!

    Papa is real mad & uses the perfect solution for disobedience. I so love this visceral montage B, which takes me back to my childhood corporal punishment, and the cane from mom!
    Moreover, watching my naughty lil' sister (now in her 60s ha-ha!) receive her whuppin' a bunch!

    The living room (dreaded sofa!) was where we gotten our backsides smacked, so it's all very apt here. The build up is awesome, reminding me (not only of punishments at home) but of the early Janus, authentic & slightly amateurish (in a good way!) photos of naughty girls in the mid to late 1970s. These were often in black n white & were so very realistic in terms of depicting parental whoopings of daughters/nieces !

    Photo 4 is sensational, with the less commonly seen reverse angle, B. Oh my! I can hear the SMACK of cane upon tender botty skin. When my sister gotten caned, I would walk around the room (discretely) to see the different angles & viewpoints of mom's chastisement. Mom said it was a stern warning to me witnessing CP as well! GULP! So true.

    Oh my! So I love photo 4. In the 1960s, I wanted to see my sister's alabaster-white buttocks shining in the indoor, Atlanta sunlight (turning scarlet with the cane, of course) from different perspectives - photo 4 so reminds me of this: very authentic, B. Plus photo 6, which evidences the facial grimace & ferocious sting of rattan snapping back repeatedly & firmly across a deknickered, bare, sensitive-skinned botty. This CP was just a normal facet of good, traditional, family life, B: routine & necessary.

    Lovely photo 6 naturally shows the normal "botty view" of my sister bending over the sofa (& she frequently gotten the exact same visual of yours truly when mom chastised me!!)

    Mom always pulled our 1950s cotton, white panties down to our knees (resting just above), never off, or never even to our ankles. Oh my! She also only raised our dresses - never removed them. She said " a completely bare bottom, is a completely bare bottom, ergo: pull panties down, no need to remove clothes". She said our panties down just to our knees was sobering & humbling, but not humiliating. She also said that our botties would feel more bare, exposed & vulnerable to the sting of the rattan rod; if our knickers were simply just around our knees & our dresses raised, rather than knicks or dresses being removed. Thus, the focus of chastisement (physical & psychological!!!) was on our fairy-skinned unprotected botties only...feeling the breeze & then the fierce cane!! I completely agreed with my mother's methods & philosophy (if not at the time. Oh my!!!)

    The last two photos consider the post-spanking rituals...walking dancing & "corner time." I love this, but for sister & me, mother would pull up our knickers & dungarees/ smarten down our dresses, immediately after a baker's dozen (stroke 12 or 13 !!)
    And we would be then sentenced to stay in our bedrooms for a while, crying & rubbing, naturally; until we were allowed back down to do chores or even visit the neighbours (embarrassing, as mom would say we were naughty girls who gotten our bare botties caned, which being normal & necessary in our family, was always applauded by our lovely, pious, elderly, fellow-Church going neighbours) This was just Southern life back in the 1960s & 70s, B. This montage captures it so beautifully & authentically.
    Hugs n smackies
    Brenda xx