Thursday, August 11, 2022

La fessée cul nu au martinet

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  1. Francophiles y'all ?!

    Why, delightful, naughty Amelia is as gorgeous today as she was back then B. Oh my!
    She sure is one of the key protagonists of the spanking genre over these past twenty years. Amelia is a superstar. As always, I save my biggest shout outs to Sarah Gregory...and to you, dearest B!!!

    As you know, B, I am a Francophile: and so if I had gotten raised in Languedoc (instead of Georgia USA) with the martinet smacking my bare botty when I was a naughty lil' girl (instead of the cane from my mother)...then so be it! That is life.
    C'est la vie!
    La fessee cul nu au martinet. Bien Sur!
    It is normal & necessary, B.
    Interesting that the skirt is pulled down, not lifted.
    Skirt & panties perfectly positioned, B. Any further south is unnecessary (well, that was my mom's view, already!!)
    Kind hugs n fierce smackiebots.
    Brenda xx

    1. One of the best martinet videos. The frown of Amelia for the first pic is amazing! With the last two pics she looks well convinced of the errors of her ways ;) As for the gif, it shows what it means to be be cul nu for the martinet!
      Hugs and smackies
      B xx

    2. Petulant Petal

      Yes absolutely, B, the first photo is "Le Grand Petit Petulance" I imagine she is about to say "YEAH! LIKE, WHATEVER!!!!"
      The naughty girl might even stamp her feet, already, B :-)
      Oh dear! Perish the thought....what a terrible tantrum.
      Photo 1 depicts an impossible precocious lil' princess brat who is about to get her strict comeuppance, thank the Lord.

      And it is only that unique yet normal chastisement - feeling the skin taken off her bare botty with the smacker Francais, that can restore cordiality, deference & respect, B. It is the only bratttude adjustment that should ever be considered & employed!!
      Vivre Le Martinet!
      Brenda xx

    3. The martinet isnt as severe as the cane, its why older girls are "promoted" to Papa's belt.
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx