Thursday, August 25, 2022

La fessée in the morning

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  1. A disagreement with papa, 1970s style. Naughty steps had not yet gotten invented!
    The flowery bedsheets provide comfort, but sadly, her panties do not!!! :-)

    Oh my! This is really awesome, dearest B, and I remember seeing this with awe in Blushes the first time, early 1980s. Well, yes, this is how daughters' wayward antics typically gotten dealt with in my day!
    Love all the angles here...& the deculottee of course (number 4).

    What is sooooo lovely, of the awe: sooooo "crushingly-cute, fierce but kind" genre, B, is the placement of the bed sheet over the metal bed frame, to provide comfort during the spanking, but of course, there is no such comfort afforded to her bare buttocks Boo-Hoo! No fear!.....her panties must come down to feel the hard, resounding, Spartan smacks, in the normal, necessary fashion. Why yes, it is punishment, already!!

    We all love these details in the spanking process, B. They all add to the drama, gravity & trauma of the scene. I always wished that this lil' missy felt the SNAP! SMACK! of the cane across her botty-skins. Alas, not this time for her.

    I thought...perhaps a baker's dozen with the cane? Like I gotten in yore!! Oh my! Sure makes your bare botty sting like utter Hell! Her unprotected bottom is so appropriately presented for chastisement with the rattan rod here (comfy sheet in situ) and again, the cane was par for the course in traditional homes when this photo montage was first published in Blushes.
    Wonderful, B, thank you.
    Hugs n smacks
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. Pity that I don't have better pics, and maybe I shouldn't have enlarge them. If you know where I could find better pics....?
    Hugs n smack :)
    B xx