Saturday, August 27, 2022

Red knickers!

                   You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

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And this Saturday we have a new 4 hands story with our friend Asa :

Asking the Neighbors

part one 

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  1. j'aime comme son petit trou du cul est bien caché.

  2. Parents who care, cane

    Why, yes, y'all naughty daughters need a quote: "sensible panties-down caning" B (or panties off here ha-ha) as advocated by the wise editors of Janus in the mid 1970s.

    I read it in Janus. I agreed with it. And I had sure gotten it a bunch myself in the 1960s & early 70s from my mother (cane to bare botty) So yes, it became my First Amendment ha-ha!

    There was no PC wishy-washy wokerati nonsense to worry about
    back then - the naughty step was light years' away, B. When sister & I were naughty, we gotten our bare botties caned. Good n sound too!
    It sure worked.

    Right from wrong. Accountability. Responsibility. Consideration for other. Christian values. Industrious endeavors. Truthful lives. All gotten thrashed out on the sensitive bare skin of our bottoms when our mother was angry. Quite right too, B!
    Lovely picture above: a timeless cure for naughty behaviour in my traditional, vintage age 63 already, viewpoint.
    Strict Ol' fashioned Brenda xx