Saturday, August 13, 2022

With an audience

 You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)



  1. I have often fantasized about being whupped in front of an audience. Mostly being used as a demonstration recipient, in a tutorial class on how to use an implement. :)


    1. Reminds me of a GBS movie titled Spanking something Tutorial...
      B ;)

  2. Drawing number 3 - The School Lesson.
    This is the inaugural production of The School Lesson in the theatre in 1979, B. It was inspired by the Janus silent film, that same year :-)

    "Woah! Why, yes, when I was a naughty girl, I gotten to feel the smack of the cane on my bare botty from papa too," said Brenda, applauding nostalgically in the front row "It was all just par for the course folks!"
    Love that third drawing, B. So typically Janus - just reporting the normal, necessary evidence!
    Hugs n spanky-sticks to you, B.
    Brenda xx

  3. For me its the Carlo drawing, the one for the link, and I just had the idea of having my fav classic drawings for next Saturday.
    Hugs and fessées ;)
    B xx

  4. Yes, I so love the Carlo link drawing also. I forgot to say, B.
    Although I have expressed my liking for this one earlier this year. I just love the way her drawers are diligently unfastened & slipped aside (just enough) to fully uncover her bottom for Le Martinet; rather than having her underwear pulled down to knees for
    proper smacked botty (as we gotten used to, B). And how she now tries to pull her drawers back over her skelped behind.

    I love her long dark socks & her pretty bow at the front of her fine dress. This is totally congruous with her bare buttocks, as part of strict, traditional, Ol' fashioned values & authoritative protocol & boundaries (AKA the still-prominent 1950s mindset that I gotten raised with.)
    Hugs, firm guidance n skelps
    Brenda xx

  5. I have re posted A Stingy Dare part 1... It had disapeared!
    B xx