Friday, September 2, 2022

A bare bottom spanking to remember

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  1. The Mason Pearson Hairbrush - "mommy's best friend"
    For girls' pretty heads and sensitive bottoms!

    Oh my! So normal & necessary, B. I've seen this a thousand times ha-ha! With my sister and my besties in yore. It was just a rite of passage, for y'all. I always loved that expression, "mommy's best friend" .

    Oh my! Yes, our all-American Nu West from California, in 1978, gave y'all such a ground breaking series of realistic videos & photo stories.- including Cindy & Aunty, and moreover, naughty lil' Debbie and her real-life mom, Margot.

    Ed Lee pioneered the "super 8mm video camera" indeed did Janus in the UK at the same time in 1978 (Late for School, The Riding Lesson, The Gym Lesson, The School Lesson etc)
    ...and the rest as they say, is history, B!

    Beautiful, simple, realistic scene above B, No bizarre nonsense. This is how it gotten done.

    "Why, for sure, a stinging bottom right now will teach you a lesson and stop you getting into trouble when you gotten older, my girl!! You are a very naughty lil' girl! Now, over my knee at once!
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I AM going to take your panties down missy. Bare botty is the only way naughty lil' girls deserve it! And the only way they gonna get it in this house, already!"
    Yes, the hairbrush daughters, for both ends, B!
    And corner time too.
    Delightful sequence and gif, B, thank you!
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. Its indeed a spanking to remember!
    Thanks to a smaller movie we have a gif with three angles
    Hugs and smackies ;)
    B xx

  3. Dearest B, this lovely photo montage & gif also superlatively illustrate something called "mom's special TLC and Essential Skin Treatment "
    (a regular experience for lil' princess brats who terrorize the milieu and run amok in the store, parking lot and mall!!!)
    Brenda xx