Thursday, September 22, 2022

Nose to the wall, and don't you dare drop your report card!


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  1. A strong dose of Earl Grey

    Oh! Sammy Woo's Poor Botty-Boo-Hoo!

    Well, yes, Sammy Woo is a real fave of mine: the naughty lil' girl next door with her fairy-soft, squishy-pale, marshmallow-botty and God darn tantrum-throwing, pouty-princess-petulance, B! Just perfect for a good, Ol' fashioned, panties-down, bare bottom spanking. Southern style!

    And Sammy Woo has sometimes gotten the most delightful stark sun-tan lines & dazzling, lily-white backside (again, Southern style) clearly delineating the about-to-be-spanked-area!
    And she sure makes a good, Oscar-winning fuss when her tender botty-skin is being chastised scarlet!
    "Hark?! That naughty girl next door gotten a whuppin'! "
    Hugs n spanks, B.
    Brenda xx

  2. And she drops her report card when her skirt is raised and knickers lowered!
    Interesting corner time!
    hugs and smackies
    B xx

  3. Knickers down, cane to bare botty - the best, Ol' fashioned solution for recalcitrant daughters!

    Photo 3 sure evidences how Nature & the Lord designed a special place for much needed chastisement, B! Don't spare the rod already. Don't spare the bare!

    Sammy's fairy-soft, impossible tender-skinned botty powerfully reminds me of my mother's answer to my frequent & stern childhood predicament (being sentenced to the cane!!)

    "Why do you always pull my panties down for the cane, mom!" I used to say

    "Because it is punishment, Brenda!!" Mom replied in her brief, scary fashion.

    Sure thing, B. It is the only way. Sam's photo 3 proves the point!! Naughty girls do not need their tender, soft skin protected by panties or any clothes when mom is tanning their botties for telling lies! No fear, B! Knickers must come down!

    When I see princess brats running amok in store: terrorizing their poor moms & customers alike, pray ...even hitting their moms (!!), why I sure think of corporal punishment, of photo 3, of Sammy's unprotected botty awaiting punishment, and I think of the nasty cane that I gotten smacked with thousands of times growing up in Atlanta in the 1960s & 70s (OK, not quite thousands, B ha-ha!)
    It's a scenario that should happen, and sometimes does, thank the Lord.

    And I recall what happened to my sister & me when we were naughty in store in yore. It was an uncomfortable ride home shifting on the back seat of the car in our snuggy overalls (dungarees). A sentence of a whuppin' having been awarded, already! Boo-Hoo!

    On entering back home, mom calmy put the groceries in the kitchen & told us to meet her in the living room. She entered with the dreaded cane from the downstairs cupboard: a top quality, extremely flexible, thin, whippy-sore piece of finest, firm, crafted rattan cane (especially purchased for our bare, tender-skinned bums, of course, just prior to my 7th birthday !)

    Mom always said "panties down baring process" is a punishment for naughty daughters in its own right! She was so correct, B. Theatre & scary drama is essential, coupled with hands on heads and scolding. We felt like naughty lil' girls...which indeed we were. Humbling is key, but never humiliation, I always emphasise this.

    Mom carefully unfastened the cute poppers on our overalls & let the shoulder straps (plus front n back panel-fabric bibs) fall back & crumple-down around our feet. Then a slight powerful delay before taking our 1950s white knickers down to our knees to fully expose our chubby, dazzling-white botties for the salutary cane (over the sofa)
    Breeze on a bare bot was scary...

    Bare botty means a ferocious sting. Doh! That is the idea of spanking, B. It's totally harmless. And totally safe. Mom wanted to see what the rod was doing to our bums. Panties down meant a firm, snappy, fast, wrist-flick- whip-smack of the cane on bare bots caused a huge sting, without much force being applied.

    Smacking through dungarees, dresses, shorts or even our snuggy cotton panties, involved bigger hits, which is unsavoury. An unbearable stinging botty is absolutely necessary for effective chastisement - and Oh my! That is always what we gotten. Knickers pulled down ensures this. I talked with mom a whole bunch over years (decades!!) about spankings and benefits of a panties-down caning for misbehaviour. I also talked with other moms & besties.

    Suffice to say, B, sister & I did not mess about in store for many a while. Nor goof around in church. At home. In the park. In the parking lot....or anywhere!!! We were as good as gold. Right lil' angels!!

    A light, flexible, stingy cane applied to naughty daughters' bare bottoms sure worked for us (we gotten 12 strokes as standard) . And such Spartan, Ol' fashioned discipline in good, strict homes did y'all a world of good.

    Sammy's super-soft bottom in photo 3, proves a point and provides good evidence of required remedial discipline on the orthodox surface, upon the place provided.
    CP good. PC bad.
    Thanks, hugs n New Moral Order Welfare edicts to ya, B!
    Brenda xx