Thursday, September 29, 2022

The teach isn't happy...

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  1. The Seat of Learning

    Such a great scene, Thank you, B.
    As a Southern Belle (age 63 years' young ha-ha!) who gotten sound thrashing as a child at home, I always said in yore, that spankings at school were on clothed bottoms. Whereas spankings at home were on unclothed bottoms!!

    This montage works so well. Oh my! Samantha Woodley is a real fave of mine. But unlike say, Harley Havik, Rosaleen Young and Elizabeth Simpson (who gotten plenty of appropriate Spartan CP on their bare bottoms growing up, from good, strict parents) I am not sure whether Sammy Woo gotten her botty smacked at home from mom or pop in yore. I've seen no.evidence in the literature or media.

    I so love the teacher here, a familiar, aunty or traditional, strict, no-nonsence mom type (who I sure do empathise with !!!) who understands the importance of the seat of learning, of tanning misbehaving daughters' bare bottoms, and restoring a sense of New Moral Order in society

    Why, yes, that was how my sister and I gotten raised (our God-fearing mother whipped our bare botties with her cane when we were bad) and is the paradigm that I have advocated and been immersed in since 1959!! Oh my! Good Old Southern discipline on the duly unclothed, sensitive- skinned place provided by God, dearest B!!!
    Thanks n hugs, B.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx