Saturday, January 28, 2023

Silent movies

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  1. Silence Speaks as they say, B
    Or to paraphrase Alien, "in O&P no one can hear you scream" :-)

    Your montages and gif are the best on planet earth, B :-)
    Love the link photo, April Fool. Asa has created a new genre.
    A new spanking classification, if you will, B : "Charlotte's Botty". And whilst her naughty behaviour & bad attitude are wayward; her punishments on the orthodox surface are at least normal & appropriate, thank the Lord!

    Gif 2. Well, Strictmoor Academy is my daily bread, B. I am totally immersed in it. Pray, I God darn lived it in the 1960s & 70s!!
    Talkin' of silence, B: Our wonderful Miss Elizabeth here, that redoubtable superhero, is having a quiet word, already!!!

    Gif 3 is just super, B. Sore botty indeed. Job done. Simples!
    Boo-Hoo! Iconic scene. And it sure is a visceral, Spartan reminder of how mom dealt with me and my lil' sister at home with the cane. Oh my!

    Final Gif: ha-ha! Very funny, B. Well, if folks gotten fired by Zoom during Covid, already; why not a smacked bottom sentenced over the phone eh ? Love it, B :-)
    Hugs n smackies.
    Brenda xx

    1. Into the corner phone; was she told to wait for you ?
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx

    2. Well, yes, the cane is in the cupboard, B! Just as it was for me in the 1960s. Boo-Hoo!

      Interesting that mom or auntie has allowed missy to pull her big-girl panties down herself, rather than pulling them down for her (with simultaneous scolding & missy's hands firmly on her head). Mom has conferred a sense of responsibility and accountability to missy here, with mom realising that lil' missy now has agency and self-actualisation to pull her own big-girly knickers down for a smacked bottom as a consequence of her behaviour. Mom confers control (only briefly) in the bottom-baring moment of truth. I love the details & psychology here, based on my own spankings in childhood, tweens n teens.

      Oh my! Check out Asa's site from yesterday, B. Three sensational botties needing to feel the sting! Y'all God-blessed to receive this daily bread in one day, B!!

      Firstly, Oh my! "Two sisters watching" post: The wonderful, strict, loving Deborah is chastising her own real-life daughter, Charlotte, & pulling her panties down for a smacked bottom - to carry out the required sentence which is the traditional punishment. I so approve! It reminds me of family discipline (including my besties' spankings!) when bare, red bottoms were integral to family life in Georgia! Just a fact of life, B. CP good. PC bad.

      Then, three posts before is, "Knock! Knock!....Come in"
      Oh my! Oh my! The truly glorious naughty Kate here, knickers down , fully-botty bare n tender, awaiting a baker's dozen with the cane. Why, that is appropriate "kind" punishment in front of God (as my mother said). My mom had an extreme, Spartan view of "kindness" for daughters, B!!!! And how right she was.
      Kate's botty, large, chubby-soft n sensitive and clearly lacking in tough rhino skin on its fragile surface, reminds me of my own fair backside. So I love to see Kate caned with panties down as a reminder of stern, stingy yore, B!!

      Thirdly: naughty Kate again, with a truly superlative angle of her porcelain smooth botty. Super!! Oh my! Oh my! Entitled "Now stop being a silly girl & stop kicking". The cane will rasp n skelp her cashmere skin real bad (plus Asa's plimsoll ha-ha!) I so remember diligently walking around the living room to view these different angles, watching my sister's chubby, alabaster-white botty turn scarlet with mother's cane in the 60s/70s!!! These three photos are such a powerful, visceral reflection of my happy, normal, strict, Southern childhood, B! And Asa's beautiful artistry belies the normality and necessity of CP for daughters at home. It was just a chore that needs doing, B. Enjoy them :-)
      Brenda xx

  2. Love the Buttock Mittens spanking in the first GIF


  3. The last one is especially good ;)