Friday, February 24, 2023

Before rubbing

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  1. Mom's spanking stick ?
    "Well, yes, IT STINGS!"
    Mom's special TLC treatment for sensitive-skinned, squishy-soft-bottomed princess-brats who misbehave, here, B.

    Truly awesome, B, So simple. And so authentic.
    I love every photo. That'll teach her to throw potty-mouthed tirades in church, B :-)
    It's a visceral reminder of my own misdeeds in yore. And how I always paid for them!!!

    I so love photo 4, close up. YUP! Boo-Hoo.
    Now that is what a naughty princess-botty should look like after a few salutary taps of the cane! And sadly, pray, there's hardly a smidgeon of hardy, tough rhino skin to be found on her exposed buttocks (thank the Lord, B. ) I do think mother was aware of that fact, B :-)
    And Oh my! A strict, angry mom in possession of a nasty cane ?
    Looks like lil' missy shoulda behaved, already!!
    Hugs n smackies, B.
    Brenda xx

    1. Stings doesnt it ?!
      And lucky not to have had to stand in the corner with hands on the head for ten long minutes !
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx

  2. Bare botty over the chair....

    I sooooo love this sequence, B. Especially photo 4.
    So... one lovely 1970s' Janus letter, sent by a mom in her twenties, is closely aligned with this montage, B, and moreover with a pioneering, ancient film from Janus, "Late for School".

    This film gotten a massive impact on me. I believe it was the very first Janus film, released 1977, & one of the world's first CP films of the modern era (post war) It is so visceral for me...released 1977!!! I saw it in Atlanta (just a lil' later) as a fresher, student teenager, along with reading Janus mags, of course.

    So she writes about canings from her father, for her & her sisters at home in the 1960s & 70s

    "In my opinion Late for School it is a marvelous film - good quality and very real. I think I know a lot about cp because my parents are very strict and my sisters and I got the punishments at home from mum and dad".

    She continues

    "I could identify myself very well with that girl in the film. I had to put my skirt in the waistband but I had to remove my knickers completely. Then i had to kneel on a chair that stood against a table, just like I saw in the film."

    "Then dad took the cane and swish and smack, there came the first cut on my bare bottom. In contrast to the film, I got the cane on my hands if I touched my buttocks."

    "Next he raised the cane and swish and smack again, Usually I got six."

    Dearest, B. This is truly delightful. And such a reminder of having the cane across my own bare botty as a child from my own loving but stern, Christian mother. Pray, it was normal punishment. I do love the UK/European letters in Janus. Regarding the cane notably!!!

    The good lady continues,

    "Then I had to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. but not quite like the girl in the film. I had to stand to attention and it was not allowed to rub my buttocks. If I did so I got the cane again on my bottom, still bare."

    Oh my! She then concludes in a cute but Spartan fashion: like mother like daughter, already!

    "I am convinced I got a good education, and for my young daughter I shall use the cane soon on her bare bottom."

    Why, I strongly agree with that, B. This lady was Dutch ( a lot of Janus letters from the Dutch, already) & so rather cutely, her excellent English was not quite perfect. Well, just like y'all Americans, eh B!!! Divided by a common language n all, ha-ha :-)

    Another girl writes of how her father (the Headmaster no less!) smacked her bare legs or knickered bottom at school, but how sadly at home, Oh dear, alas, her panties had to come down for the hand and then subsequently, the cane, on her very bare botty! Well, quite, that's just normal in my book. I support that, B. That's the only way to do it.

    "Then at home my knickers would come down and I would go across his knees for a real bare bottom spanking".

    Delightful, B. I love how she say "REAL bare bottom spanking", as of course, it was not considered "REAL", over protective knicks at school. I do concur, B. 

    And so when I see naughty lil' princess brats running amok in store, terrorizing customers & even pray, hitting their moms; why I am tempted to show the moms this wonderful montage on my phone & make some strong suggestions for salutary discipline for their daughters going forward !!!!

    Oh my! Indeed, I constantly recall staring at the terrible cane, hands on my head, as mom slipped my panties down to my knees for punishment back in the 60s, " why, a stinging bottom right now will stop you getting into trouble when you gotten older, Brenda", she often remarked. Sure thing, B. How God darn right she was!
    Thanks n spanks,
    Strict Traditional Brenda xx