Saturday, March 25, 2023

With a touch of humor!


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  1. Aunt Roberta on Asa's site

    “Haste make waste, Lilly ! Full moon in front of the class, skirt up, knickers down, step on the small stool and grab the seat of that chair.”

    Great line. Oh dear. Boo-Hoo bots! Ha-ha! Lovely detail in narrative today, B.

    Great art above! Soooooooo love the final picture ha-ha!
    Sooooooo true :-)
    Yup! It was EXACTLY like that growing up in Georgia, B!
    Oh my! Church, Chaperones & chastisement - our bare botties never gotten spared!!!
    Papas were kind, caring and strict!
    Wonderful. Plus the 1% girl who never gotten spanked ha-ha!
    Hugs n smackies
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. Thanks :)
    Soz for having messed up with the pics.
    I'll post the missing ruler smacking gif on Monday...
    The fun black and white drawing is from Kane, had forgot about it, and recently rediscovered it.
    Hug and smackies :)
    B xx

  3. Spanking as the default position - final picture

    Well, pun intended, B. And the position was OTK, or indeed bare bottomed over the sofa for mom's cane in my case in the 60s/70s, already!!!
    I so love this hilarious, evidential illustration portraying traditional, Southern life in the 1960s ...and indeed, home life today, thank the Lord, B.

    Oh my! Yes, bare bottom whoopings were the default. A rite of passage for daughters in the South, B. A function of good, strict parenting. They were a Spartan, social leveler B. Y'all princess brats gotten them, regardless of privilege or position. They were simply normal & necessary, B!

    Everyone girlfriend at church, in my 'hood n suburb, from around the block, or from indeed from anywhere; gotten "the rod of correction" from mom or pop, on the bare with knickers pulled down. I always experienced, supported, understood & advocated CP, ruefully!!!

    For sure, I loved the schadenfreude (albeit I knew not that word in yore ha-ha!) when typically, some nasty, local , meany princess brats, misbehaved, bullied or gotten into trouble ...only to have their dresses hoisted & their panties lowered for the tender skin to be taken off their poor botties with papa's strap or mother's cane or hickory stick back at home! They sure deserved it. And I sure loved to learn of their discomfort, B. To revel in their misfortune. Corporal punishment was for all! And especially for my sister & me!

    This wonderful, funny drawing is a hilarious rebuke: a mighty big smack on the backside of the PC/wokerati movement, B.
    CP good. PC bad.
    Hugs n smackies
    Strict Brenda xx