Monday, May 29, 2023

Oaks and Pines School Role-play Game Introduction (Adults only)

At Oaks and Pines, the girls are schooled in Switzerland, with a rigorous routine of classes, homework, and old fashioned discipline.  

Oaks and Pines prides itself with its 'family' atmosphere. 
Parents send their daughters to O&P to ensure the best results, and the girls are strictly kept to their lessons, the Principal and Tutors do see to that !  
The school is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, near  Montreux, in the shadow of the majestic Alps. An 18th century castle- set in a large arboreal park - serves to house the school. Schoolrooms, tutors' studies and apartments, Library, Dining Room and other facilities are located on the ground floor. On the first floor, each girl is provided with a comfortable individual room. It is to be noted that the girls’ rooms have no doors, which is a considerable aid to keeping mischief in check.   
Mischief happens, it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Fortunately the school's superbly trained and  dedicated faculty is quite prepared to address any infractions that may occur. It sometimes happens that the only way to get a pupil's undivided attention is to put her over one's knees and warm her backside. In serious cases sterner discipline may be required, and use of  the cane is not unheard of.   
In our role-play game you enter the world of your fantasy,  playing the part of a high school aged girl. Design your character, give her a name and invent her family and schooling history. Tell us about her previous experience with corporal punishment (and what your expectations are in that area)  
If you are interested in joining our role-play game, as a pupil or teacher we invite to visit our Oaks and Pines website at : and prepare a profile – introduction of your role-play character to be send  to :
With submitting this application you are representing that you are over the age of 21 years. Should the owner or moderators feel that you have misrepresented your age you shall be unsubscribed. 

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  1. Geneva calling....
    Naughty girls join O&P y'all!

    Hi dearest, B, one Letter from a lady aligns rather well with O&P, already, with her contrasting the punishments she received at school & from her mother with her cane at home: Oh my!

    "My mother, on the other hand, liked to cover a rather larger target area. Of course she had the advantage of being able to see where she placed each stroke".

    Oh my! This is delightful, B, a subtle but visceral confirmation that she gotten the cane on her bare botty at home, but over knicks at school, understandably. Powerful! Sooo love that writing. Indeed, she continues in the paragraph

    "I had to fetch the cane from the umbrella stand in the hall and bring it to my Mum before taking down my knickers and bending over the chair in my room. The usual number of strokes for my sister and me was six on the bare bottom."

    Utterly delightful, B!!!
    "She also liked to take her time and pause for a few seconds after each one, to make sure I felt the full effect of its sting."

    Yes, knickers down for the cane, slipper, strap & martinet for y'all, B. As we know.
    IT STINGS!!!

    She writes "canes were sold in most hardware stores and some toyshops. Ours were specially bought in London."

    In conclusion, "we knew we were greatly loved and accepted their discipline accordingly. We all turned out well." Well, absolutely, B.
    Truly wonderful letter. Oh my! Love that factual, anecdotal biopic style. Like memoirs in short.

    I love the candid, no-nonsense correspondence of these "vintage" yet modern Letters, away from any bizarre rituals & weird, contrived contexts that I deplored in some occasional letters, frankly. As I say to my work colleagues, I am sticking to the brief, B. Ha-ha! Excuse the pun :-)
    Strict No-nonsense Brenda xx

  2. "canes were sold in most hardware stores and some toyshops."
    Also sold in toystores!
    Only the best!!
    B xx