Saturday, August 26, 2023

Wait till you get home...


and a colored one :

You are invited to role-play with us!

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 Furthermore our friend Asa from
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Asa Jones is a story writer, photographer and painter, in one word he is quite an artist !
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  1. The first two drawings are delightfully familiar, B.
    Those terrible hazel switches, B, AIEE!!! (no 2)
    Number 2 is from a German story, & I recall a Janus letter from a British officer stationed in Germany who used the hazel switches on his daughters' bare bottoms in the 1950s....I will find it for you, B.

    Meanwhile, another Janus letter is apt here, and for the lovely colorized drawing, no 4. A father writes, 1970s, about his three daughters:

    "I sent her to get the cane & she returned with alacrity and it. I ordered her over the side of the table & ordered her knicks down. She got six."

    Later, a second marriage God blessed him with his own daughter, and that same cane was then used on her bare bottom, naturally (as for his step-daughters) He continues, "I keep up tradition as much as I keep knickers down, to give them the benefit of a good British upbringing. All punishments are on the bare bottom....seeing her sister's bare bottom collect six sharp red wheals from the cane tends to have a marvelous effect on behaviour & obedience".
    Well, I quite agree, B!
    Drawing 2 and 4 visualize this perfectly. Boo-Hoo!

    BUXIBAN on Asa's site today.

    Her father mentioned, “All girls your age wear a school uniform.”
    Pop asked, “What about discipline?”
    I sighed, “Leather paddle, strap, and up to eight strokes of the cane.”
    I loudly added, “And bare butt!”
    Mum protested, “Language Amelia!”
    I again sighed.
    Mum hissed, “Its about time that you get what you richly deserve!”
    “Soz Mum!”
    Pop also sighed, “Its a pity that I couldn’t bring myself to tan your hide…”
    Emma’s father added, “Same here… We are guilty… and our mamby pamby education system hasn’t help.”

    Oh my! What a fabulous narrative, B. I strongly concur :-)

    “And navy burumas…”
    “Sports knickers.”

    Now I do love the burumas, B :-)

    Asian experience - Tiger Moms & Mamak canes.

    Dearest B, working in the "Atlanta corp" over decades, I gotten to know quite a few Asian women from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and in latter years, China. Over conversations in the coffee n bourbon joints, I gotten to understand the position of the cane in Asian society & culture, & its application to naughty girls' bare bottoms at home!

    Oh my! And while my Asian besties are generally not quite as candid or ebullient about discussing CP as say, my Nigerian cohort of strict, good ladies (also long term friendships from colleagues the corporate arena) I was always compelled to hear about CP when discreet opportunities arose. I also visited Asia a bunch and I love your description of Singapore to set the scene - brings back fond memories, B:

    "We discovered an amazing seaside city with wide avenues, surprising high rises and superb parks. It is also hot and humid, but there’s huge air conditioned shopping malls with all the shops opening onto giant indoor atrium with fountains, and glimmering suspended mobiles. "

    Hugs n smackies, burumas & nasty, kind, stingy-botty mamak canes to ya, B!
    Brenda xx

  2. Yes, familiar indeed, Hardcastle drawings from Janus.
    The first three kinds work well together, tho a pity that the third one is about a brunette.
    There's another Hardcastle drawing similar to the second one, but I find it too severe.
    Burumas are actually more Japanese... anyway!!
    As for Buxiban it will get better...!
    Why don't you play O&P?
    Please tell me why, am sure I can help...
    I have no doubt that you would love it!
    Hugs and smackies :)
    B xx

  3. Dearest, B, why thank you, and I have no doubt that I would love it too !
    Your wonderful blog is a lovely, essential part of my happy being, B.
    Working hard at "the Atlanta corp", travelling for work & play, family, friends, going to the gym, & watching tennis & track n field means I am sadly unable to commit to the O&P game.

    It would be great if some of the O&P ladies could also comment on your blog, B ? Although I guess in fairness, they would counter with their own time limitations & busy schedules... because of their involvement in the O&P game ha-ha :-)

    I also do so enjoy re-visiting your posts on this blog, & re-reading your stories. I am also trying to allocate some time to rediscovering & researching the vintage Janus/Roue material from the 1970s - especially those swell Readers' Letters, as you know, B.
    Warm hugs n frozen, harsh, stingy, salutary smackies in earnest dearest, B.
    Brenda xx