Saturday, September 30, 2023

More JPC drawings


The new term has barely started !

 You are invited to role-play with us!

  (Adults only) 
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Asa Jones is a story writer, photographer and painter, in one word he is quite an artist !
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  1. Botty rouge specialist from Beligium :-)

    Oh my! Aren't these just so ferociously cute, B ? :-)
    I so love the amused & bemused faces & puckered, scarlet lipsticky-lips. Beautiful belles...

    And I sooooo love the way (painting 3) that JPC makes y'all fairest bottoms so bright n white ...and then so rouge!! The contrast between the two girls' buttocks in painting 3 is just sublime, B. Authentic indeed! Plus red faces all round in these drawings (and the lovely contrast between her shiny, pink face and her ultra-white exposed botty of the naughty girl standing on picture 3) Oh my!

    This is very authentic, B. Born in the late 1950s, & growing up in a strict, religious family in Georgia, I was most attentively aware that the whitest-of-whitest and most tender-skinned part of my anatomy was where I & y'all daughters gotten soundly chastised when were naughty (fairy-soft botty in its totally bare state for punishment always, of course, in front of God, naturally!)
    So yes, JPC's drawings remind me of yore most ruefully & delightfully, B!!!
    Hugs n fierce, salutary smackies
    Good Spartan Brenda xx

  2. Yes, pic 3 is great, and there's the "you're next!" or "your lower cheeks will soon be redder that your upper ones!'
    I also love the faces while rubbing of pics 1and 4.
    Hughs and smackies ;)
    B xx