Thursday, September 28, 2023

Red skirt day

The new term has barely started !

 You are invited to role-play with us!

  (Adults only) 

Please click the above pic to visit the O&P role play game website...



  1. Lovely trio, B, thank you. I have not seen these !!
    Photo one is fate defined. Personified. Feel the tension in her fingers. Botty cheeks clenching that wooden stool in false security, I wager, B ?
    Always love the hands on head.
    Photo 2 - Oh my! Just look at those AUTHORITATIVE knickers, B. Those cutey, cotton-soft Schlüpfer :-)
    I sure had a bunch of those to wear in yore, B.
    Purest, dazzling-bright-white, 1950s, good Ol' fashioned, SENSIBLE, Church-compliant, Christian-concordant panties. Conservative, conformist culottes, B. Just made to be pulled down when a naughty girl's sensitive botty needs to feel the sting of the cane from mother or aunty when precocious princess-brattitude needs adjusting at home!
    Sure thing, B.
    Good Ol' Spanking Teen Jessica films. I recall that Southern Strappings genre for naughty Jess
    Hugs n smackies
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

    1. "Church-compliant, Christian-concordant panties" Hahahaha! Brilliant!!
      I might surprise you, but my fav is the one for the link. The suggestive pulling up of la culotte with a rub...
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx

  2. Well, you are so right, B. Good one!
    I always gotten to say that hands on heads, panties pulled back up, & dress smartened back down, was the end of the spanking. The conclusion to formalities. It was then that we gotten sent to our rooms (crying & rubbing ensued).
    My evidence, experience & thinking was obviously in play since the 1960s, B!!!!
    Oh my! And I do think that the whole "panties pulled back up process", post-whooping, as per your link photo & fave, is a much under mentioned, under analyzed part of the chastisement procedure, B.
    Hugs n smackies & strict panties "pull ups n downs" huggies :-)
    CP good. PC bad.
    Good Spartan Brenda xx