Tuesday, November 21, 2023

An Oaks and Pines School Day

Thank God for alarm clocks... I was up ten minutes before the wake up bell, and already dressed for the morning exercise routine. I was having a tall glass of orange juice mixed with sparkling water when I heard, 


With great consideration she repeated her kind invite... 


After a routine of exercises which included toe touching we jogged into the nearby woods...

Next was showers and to dress impeccably for the uniform inspection. The teach on duty pulled your skirt up to make sure that we are wearing the regulation knickers. A few newbies who still hadn't sewn their name in their knickers had their thighs smacked 

Finally it was breakfast time. Miss Ahlers and her team had set up the usual superb buffet with fried eggs, crispy bacon and sausages as well as fruit salad and cereals. One didn't starve at O&P !

All too soon it was time to run back to our dorm rooms to prepare our satchels. Mine was ready and I was already latching my bike on the trailer behind our school bus. Mr LeBoeuf, the O&P chauffeur blew the fog horn, and we were on the way to the Montreux International Campus.

A newbie wanted to know why we had classes at both O&P and the Montreux International Campus. I chimed, "According to Miss Temple who was a great old Principal, 'The answer is blowing in the empty space between our ears !' "
A few boys and boyfriends helped us unload our bicycles from the trailer, and we locked them into the campus bike-shed.

After a long morning of classes at the International Campus aka IC we had lunch at the campus Cafeteria. I had pizza and there was a great choice of toppings. We sat with friends and boyfriends for that great part of the day.
Shorter afternoon classes followed and we were eventually released. We retrieved our bicycles from the bike-shed and rode back to chateau O&P with our boyfriends from the neighboring Residence du Lac, aka RDL. Another part of the program we didn't want to miss !

We had mid-afternoon tea and Mrs Ahles famous cookies, before our O&P additional classes.
"Later I saw Tanja sitting on the bench outside a teachers study. "Huh? What happened?"
My petite brunette friend pulled a face. "Teacher thought I wasn't paying attention."
"And were you?" I asked with a wink. "It's impossible the way he's droning on all the time."
I had been a good girl, and before my homework I visited our stables with our horses, donkeys and Ellie our baby elephant...
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