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Farm Life part 6

After dinner, while in bed, I told Josh about my day at the market. I mentioned the English girl who saw that I was spanked, and her grandma telling her that she will buy a martinet to encourage her to better apply herself with her summer homework.
He laughed. "Those Cahier de Vacances are a great idea for improving your French. I am thinking of buying a few more, and a martinet..." Later, our bed almost creaked!
I woke up remembering Josh having said that he is thinking of buying a martinet. I had a strange mix of feelings, apprehension, curiosity, and another itch he gladly satisfied while we were in the shower.
I dressed for the day with a short swing dress. We joined everyone for breakfast, and saw that Claudine and Manon were also wearing flirty dresses. They also had content glowing cheeks, just like me. While I helped them serve the breakfast Henriette had prepared, Josh smacked my bum which made my dress fly. It was only one smack, but a vigorous one, and I did a two steps dance. Everyone laughed, I felt like another farm girl.
I enjoyed helping Claudine and Manon. I was also given simple tasks, it sure was different from going to the Toulouse supermarkets or having tea with the uppity spouses of the Airbus engineers. I had a great day, and before dinner Josh had me rolling in the hay without knickers. He laughed when I told him how the hay was tickling my bum.
Next morning we were awakened by Henriette shouting. "La vilaine fille, elle mérite la fessée cul nu au martinet!"
I opened our bedroom window to discover that the pond had overflown because of rain during the night. I soon realized that I am the naughty girl deserving a bare butt martinet whipping. I was told to open the sluice gate of the pond to reduce its level and avoid overflow, and I forgot. I had a feeling that being distracted by Josh's evening shagging in the hay wouldn't save me from the martinet.
We hurriedly dressed and helped scoop the ducklings out of the water, because they might drown from hypothermia. It was cheer luck that none of them drowned, and they were soon inside under flood lights for warming up.
Claudine teased. "Tu peux preparer ton cul pour la grande fessée au martinet. That's exactly what happened to Manon when she did the exact same thing." I didn't need a dictionary to translate the slang of 'preparer ton cul'. Manon added. "Aie! Aie!"
A jumbled mix of feelings whirled round my head. There was the curiosity, and apprehension I had already felt when Josh had said that he might buy a martinet and more cahiers de vacances to help improve my French. There was the memory of the spanking he had given me a few days ago for my poor French grammar exercises. It was such a stingy memory, and standing bare bum in the corner in front of everyone was a guilty mix of exhibitionism and shame. Last but not least was the amazing shagging Josh gave me afterwards.
I also tried to reason that the martinet would sting a lot more than a spanking, but I wouldn't chicken out. It wouldn't be right to avoid being punished as Manon was for the same fault. I also though that I do deserve to be punished for my silliness which could have killed all those lovely ducklings.
Later, after a silent breakfast, Josh ordered. "Debbie, bring me the martinet." Red face I obeyed and gave him the martinet. "Take off your knickers, and drop them on the table."
Henriette told Manon. "Please bring the stool, you know the one."
She had quite a blush, she obviously knew. A minute later she was back with a low stepping stool, and set it down right in front of the dining room table.
Henriette instructed. "For la grande fessée au martinet you will bend over the table with a leg on each side of that stool."
I felt a deep glow as I realized what I was going to show with that position.
Josh unbuttoned the back of my dress and parted it, I must have blushed crimson as my bare bum was revealed.
 I next had to bend over the dinning room table, and Henriette adjusted that stool between my legs thus forcing me to open them wide. I felt a light draft, and my ears tickled with a renewed shameful blush.
I squeezed the stool, but it was useless. I was exposing my fuzzy peach for everyone present. I understood why Claudine had said, "preparer ton cul" instead of "preparer tes fesses". It was an impossible feeling of shame, as well as an exciting exhibition. I felt guilty for such a feeling, and thought, "Oh! I do deserve la fessée, and severe one!"
Josh was showed how to properly use the martinet with whipping an innocent cushion. I shivered for those few smacks, and again vainly tried to close thighs. Josh must have looked worried, because I heard Henri reassuring him. "Not to worry, there's no risk of injuries, the stripes will disappear within two or three days, but she will have le feu au cul."
Charles chuckled as he added. "She will have a fiery butt in more ways than one!" I would discover later what he meant.
There was very little smacking sound, but I sure felt the fiery leather thongs of the martinet across my bum, and acknowledged them with a convincing. "Ouch!"
After two dozen strokes, I was much louder! "AIE! AIE! AIE!"
Henriette always the expert advised. "Don't forget her thighs, it will teach her to keep her skirt down."
I was even louder as my thighs tasted the martinet. "OUCH! AIE! OUCH! AIE!"
I was breathless when Josh was satisfied, my bum and thighs were incandescent, and I was showing everything I have to everyone !
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...
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  1. "rolling in the hay without knickers. He laughed when I told him how the hay was tickling my bum."

    Oh my! Y'all remember The Riding Lesson, B :-)

    The silent, Janus film and photos from March 1978, B!!!
    Janus Volume 8, number 3. Oh my! Goodness gracious!!
    Hay bales galore :-)

    "La vilaine fille, elle mérite la fessée cul nu au martinet!"
    Fabulous, scary line, B!!

    'preparer ton cul'.

    OH MY! OH MY! Zut Alorsr!
    That's a darn good new one, B. Gulp! Gulp! :-)
    And I always thought "panties down young lady" or "kicks down" was scary, already....

    And I love the first drawing of undraping - nice botty reveal for chastisement, B :-)
    Oh, and keep the home fires burning on the link drawing, B
    (hands on head y'all)
    Hugs n smackies
    Brenda xx

    1. Wasn't that a grande fessée cul nu?!
      Poor little ducks!
      Drawings were edited and colorized mostly by hand...
      Hugs and smackies :)
      B xx