Friday, April 12, 2024


You are invited to role-play with us !

  (Adults only) 
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    To quote the great Sarah Gregory: "a good, Ol' fashioned, panties down, over the knee, bare bottom spanking!"
    It was par for the course, B!! A fact of life for y'all daughters n nieces. A good, bare botty blistering, rather than the naughty step, B!

    Love 2 & 3, B. Vintage specials.
    Ol' style papa/daughter confrontations always end the same way !!
    .....a quiet word, that turned our rather loudly!
    Photo 2 is Janus, & photo 3 Blushes, I think!
    Both very nostalgic...and ruefully experiential !!!
    Photo 2 reminds me of strict observations, growing up in Georgia, B ....pretty lil' blue dress hoisted n all. Traditional, cotton, white panties due South!!!

    And, well, the link photo is such a smackable, pouty-cutey, B ;-)
    Huggies & smackies.
    Ferociously Kind Brenda xx

    1. After having teased the boys and the teachers it time to pay!
      Nothing like having your skirt raised and no matter the Oh! of the first pic, the knickers will come down!
      Pic 2 Missy is trying to be the strong one, but will eventually bawl with pic 3 or pedal or legs with pic 4.
      As for pic 5, the gif, its oh the shame of a bare butt spanking and showing everything while bawling and vainly wriggling!
      I agree, pic 2 is Janus and pic 3 is Blushes.
      Hugs and smackies ;)
      B xx