Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Magic Mirror part 1

Lucinda, called Lulu, my best friend, got two invitation cards for her bank's annual charity costume ball. "Bella dearest, it's an opportunity to meet great guys, promising bankers, tech wizards, and future millionaires!"
"I don't know what to wear."
"Easy, dress like me. I'll be going as a 6th former. No red-blooded guy will ignore a Saint Trinian."
I nodded and teased her. "Don't tell me that your uniform still fit!"
I laughed.
"I haven't kept it. I mail ordered one, and I should have gone straight to a costume shop because I had to have it adjusted by a seamstress."
"That must have cost you a pretty penny!"
"Indeed, and you best go to a costume shop."
A few days later, I found a huge costume shop in a newly opened shopping center. I soon selected a lovely school like uniform with a white blouse, a stripped tie, knee-high socks, and, of course, a short pleated skirt. An old sales lady helped me with finding the correct size, and added a pair of white cotton knickers with a strange wink. She suggested that I try it all.
I changed, and she asked if I require adjustments. I stepped out of the fitting booth to let her be the judge of that. No adjustment was required. I said that I would take it, and gave her my credit card. She gave me a bag for my street clothes, plus a plastic token designed like a five pounds coin, before showing me an automate. "Try your luck. You might get a discount!"
 The automate must have sensed me approaching, and with a surprisingly realistic voice, welcomed me. "Good morning, young lady. If you were given a magic coin, please drop it in the box, otherwise please insert a crisp £20 in the appropriate slot."
I fed the automate the big coin, and he politely thanked me before asking my name.
I was intrigued and answered. "I am Belinda."
"Have you been a good girl, Belinda?"
I was quite surprised, and playfully confessed that I got a D minus for my last math paper at Med School. It was actually true, and I felt quite guilty about it.
"You deserve to be punished. Go to booth number one. You might get a bigger discount..."
I wouldn't mind a discount, and went to the assigned booth with the bag containing my street clothes. I closed the curtain behind me, and discovered an oval mirror as tall as me. A voice told me to touch that mirror. I did, and it disappeared to reveal a severe looking lady with a school cane. I was suddenly very self-conscious of my shortish school skirt.
 With a warm voice, she said. "Dear Belinda, you deserve three strokes of the cane for that poor grade, but I will let you off with two, and your credit card will be credited with a 20% discount. Do you agree?"
I was mesmerized or hypnotized, and meekly nodded. Somehow, the little wheels between my ears had computed that I deserve to be punished for that poor grade. I also remembered how Pop had kept me on the straight and narrow with his belt.
"Lower your knickers to your knees, open your legs so that they don't drop on the floor, and raise your skirt before grabbing the seat of that chair."
I soon realized how I was showing everything I have with having opened my legs. It was so embarrassing! I was going to be punished bare ass like a lazy schoolgirl. I felt a very hot glow, I was for sure blushing as red as a royal mailbox.
There was a hissing sound immediately followed by a thwack, and a fierce fiery stripe burned across my bum.
A second later, another hissing sound followed by the same thwack, and one more blazing stripe clawed my butt.
It was so intense! I was no longer concerned by my shameful exhibition. Both my hands flew to rub my incandescent derriere. I also danced on the spot, and my knickers puddled onto the floor.
"You're getting an additional stroke for having rubbed without permission. Legs wide opened, and grab your ankles!"
I presented my fiercely burning bottom for another stroke.
That sure was more severe than Pop's belt!
"Pick up yours knickers, pull them up, adjust your skirt, Belinda. If that didn't convince you to better apply yourself, you may come back. If you do, you will be wearing the same outfit."
I would never know why I replied, "Yes, Ma'am."
"You may go out this way."
I found myself back in the middle of the crowded shopping center, dressed as a school girl and rubbing my miniskirt over my throbbing bum. No one was shocked by my outfit, since I look quite young. I willed myself to stop rubbing my burning derriere.
I wanted to change back into my street clothes, but the loos were crowed. On the tramway returning home, I didn't have to act like a well behaved schoolgirl. I had three stripes of fire throbbing across my bum to make sure of that. I was also quite happy to give my seat to a grandma.
Back home, after a long soak with Epson salt and a rub with Arnica, I sat on a pillow to very carefully reread my last lesson
To be continued...
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  1. First things first, B. Priorities :-)
    This from your Victoriana part 2 on Asa's site:

    "I got out of bed and prepared a toast with slices of French goat cheese. I mused, Imagine France, that goat cheese will be cheaper, and I’ll have an expat allowance."

    YUP! That's breakfast, already, B!! YUM!
    Du fromage, baguette et cafe au lait mademoiselle...
    I do love this Victorian story, B. Weaves a nostalgic pattern into my own memoirs (happy & rueful, of course!!!)

    "I pulled up my new white cotton knickers."
    Sparkling, dazzling white conservative, wholesome, fulsome, compliant, ironed knickers, B!!
    Y'all soft n snuggy botty comfort-covers. Yet, alas, offers no protection for our naughty, fairest, tender backsides by decree!

    "Victoriana white blouse, shortish tartan pleated skirt, black sweater, knee-high socks and black brogues. In my tall mirror, I smiled for having traveled back in time. ‘Back to school naughty girl!’ ....."I shrugged. I am not afraid of a spanking. Daddy spanked me till I got my O and A Levels, and continued till I graduated from my banking school."

    Why, Janus never wrote it that good, B!!!
    Ergo...that delightful Janus cover (on the desk), B. Oh my! So love that. I remember seeing that in the store almost 50 years' ago. Those amazing, original, authentic Janus volumes & their front covers, B :-)

    "the méthode traditionelle."
    "Les paresseuses sont toujours fessées cul nu"
    Love this Victoriana story

    The Magic Mirror part 1 - "Have you been a good girl, Belinda?"
    It's the OBB, again B....the Order of Belinda's Botty

    "and added a pair of white cotton knickers with a strange wink"


    "I also remembered how Pop had kept me on the straight and narrow with his belt."
    Sure thing, B.

    Oh my! I so love the "severe looking lady" with the cane and the mirror picture, B. And that Ol' fashioned, iconic second pic of the naughty southern belle ha-ha :-)
    Cane to bare botties ? Well, yes, I strongly approve naturally.
    Lovely story, thank you, B - the perils of Belinda :-)
    Hugs n smackies & good, Spartan mirror mirror on the wall sternness!!
    Good Lady Brenda xx

    1. That mirror drawing clicked a few brain cells into overdrive...
      I love it when one pic/drawing clik!
      Also like the tartan dress of Victoriana...
      Hugs and smackies ;)
      B xx