Sunday, June 9, 2024


Your are invited to role-play with us!



  1. Botty stripes were just so darn fashionable back in yore, B :-)

    Why, drawing 5 has that lovely, "cute n nasty" humour, so integral to the wonderful artist, Paula (adorning the inside cover of Janus in the golden age of the early1980s)

    WOT no panties ?! Mind the breeze missy ! :-)
    Yes, well-striped or scarlet-hued buttocks ( a la drawing 5) were just a fact of life for y'all girls growing up in the 1960s & 70s, B; although ironically, our conservative, voluminous, white, cotton 1950s pannies & our conservatively cute, large-sized, two-piece cotton-flannel, 1950s swimming cozzies (bubble gum pink or yellow anyone ?) would totally cover our white nates & hide mom's cane lines completely from view !!!
    (thank the Lord for that!)

    Yes, our well covered, cotton-clothed, chubby princess bums were strictly de rigueur, B (except when we gotten spanked Boo-hoo !!!!) . Moreover, no bikinis or less than ultra-conservative clothing was allowed back in the Ol' South back then, B.

    Oh my! For sure, the sensitive, bare skin on our soft, alabaster-white botties was only ever exposed & witnessed when bending over mom's knee or the living room sofa for a darn good whuppin' with our panties firmly pulled down; but our nether hiney skin was never on show outside y'all religious, traditional, suburban ranch !! I loved that paradox of my strict , God-fearing upbringing.
    Hugs n smackies, B :-)
    Good Spartan Brenda xx

    1. Drawing 1 is actually a pic turned into a drawing and edited. I like that she's probably not aware of the show she's offering contrary to the other 4.
      Number 2 is a colorized Kalidween and me discovering the warp brush.
      Number 3 a colorized Harcastle, it demanded a lot of work and help from Jayent and Tetiana.
      Number 4 was already colorized, and I which I knew the author...
      Out of the other 4, number 5 the one of Paula does have a great oops!
      More oops later today!
      Hugs and smackies 😉
      B xx