Saturday, April 24, 2021

Pop's not happy

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Please click the above pic and don't forget DevlinO'Neill's blog with part 5 of our Unfinished Business story posted today...

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  1. "A stinging bottom right now will stop you getting into trouble when you are older, Brenda!"

    Oh my! Sure thing, B. That is what my kind but super-strict, God-fearing mother said to me a bunch when raising me & my sister in the 1960s/70s. She did not care for time outs & groundings (those things were not called that & were not invented in Georgia at the time!!)

    Yup! And she sure did make my poor botty sting to high Heaven - just like this photo shows. First, because after OTK discipline in early years with hairbrushes & wooden spoons, mom kindly bought us (at a young age) a top quality, flexible, thin, rattan cane, kept handy in the cupboard. And second, because when we were naughty, she always raised our dresses & pulled our panties down so that we felt this cane hard upon the sensitive, bare skin on our chubby, white bottoms! Nothing less! That was the punishment, Quite right too, B! It is purely futile to punish over panties!

    No fear! Oh my! We screamed & squawked & it sure worked well, B - and it was most necessary if totally harmless chastisement for we both in my opinion. It was a mark of good, honest, no-nonsense parenting & Ol' fashioned Southern, Christian, family values. Indeed, y'all girls in our church gotten spanked, & we compared notes & experiences. It was all just normal.

    When I witness naughty lil' princess brats running amok in the store, terrorising their hard working, long suffering moms...I think of this appropriate photo montage of required action. Moreover, I think of the ferocious if honest & normal smack of that dreaded cane on my naughty bare botty, (repeatedly!!) back at home, bending over the sofa in the living room, teaching me right from wrong in front of God. Thank the Lord, B. It also taught me responsibility, accountability & consideration for other over the years. That's how things gotten done.

    Fabulous photo montage, this one. Pop has had enough, already!!
    CP good. PC bad.
    No naughty steps required. As my mom always said, "a stinging bottom right now, will stop you getting into trouble when you are older, Brenda!"
    Out comes the cane. Down come the panties!
    Hugs n thanks, B.
    Brenda xx