Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Waiting drawings...

 Tuesday is drawings day, and today's theme is waiting...



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 Please click the above drawing...



  1. j'aime l'art de la fessée ! J'aime aussi être fessée et humilié par une femme sur mon petit pénis.

  2. Wonderful first drawing, B.

    I soooooo love the first drawing. I have not seen this before, so a real find, already. It's so cute & modern but with a lovely harsh, Spartan element that I am used to. It's a delicious riposte to the PC wokerati, B :-)

    The panties down is an awesome touch - that's how I always gotten the cane from mom, at home of course (not at school!!)
    Sister & me always gotten our panties pulled down for the cane on our bare botties from mother. That was how it was done in the 1960s! We screamed & squawked from a young age. It was Hell on earth on bare skin for sure, but that was the whole idea of punishment in the form of a smacked bottom!! And we thought nothing of it. Whoopings were supposed to be harsh. And they were harmless, already. And the rattan cane upon a bare botty was in fact the only punishment on offer from my parents for their two naughty daughters in yore! Oh my!!

    Also love the second GJC drawing - I was mesmerised by his drawings in the late 1970s, early 80s (in Janus). Again, they were an authentic translation of my happy, normal strict childhood, where CP was a necessary fact of life.
    Thanks a bunch, B.
    Brenda xx