Thursday, August 5, 2021

Biting her lips

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  1. The mighty Nu West showed realistic spankings at home for naughty daughters - normal, harsh, harmless & necessary!

    I was stunned & memserised to discover Janus & Roue as a student, late 1970s. And also to discover the awesome Nu West. Not least, because Nu West was American and showed naughty girls who gotten their bare bottoms spanked by their parents...which was also very realistic & very American! Spankings were sure normal for me & for y'all girls in Georgia in 1960s! (Well, for all girls in all of the USA, B!!)

    This fabulous five photo sequence shows for me (at least! )a naughty daughter having her bare botty whooped by pop. And sent to her room or the corner. Oh my! That was just normal & necessary. Indeed, that was the foundation of good parenting & sound traditional, family values.

    That was exactly how my sister & me gotten raised with love & kindness, boundaries, rules, attentive religion & firm CP: it was our God-fearing mother who purchased a quality, thin, rattan cane, in the early 1960s, which she would use to tan our bare buttocks most soundly whenever we misbehaved. Our loud protests, screams n squawks were ignored in the name of appropriate chastisement in front of God! Our 1950s dresses came up & our 1950s knickers gotten pulled down to knees (never removed) in the living room for the cane. That was the punishment. It was darn harsh, B! No wishy-washy nonsense back then. And CP was also just normal & frequent throughout our childhoods. Our Church friends gotten the same, albeit more usually with the strap or paddle, rather than the cane.

    The genius "Ed Lee", here in these photos, started filming realistic mother/daughter scenarios in 1978. These silent films on 8mm film actually launched Nu West as a corporation. "Cindy & The Hairbrush" is a famous, pioneering reconstruction of daughter Cindy having her bare bottom spanked (exactly as happened to her growing up in yore) over mommy's lap. Then followed, the iconic Debbie & her real life mother Margot...likewise Debbie's childhood spankings on her bare bottom (with hairbrush & paddle) were re-enacted with her strict mom on film, late 1970s/early 1980s.

    These films are priceless artefacts, B. Much like the awesome pioneering, silent "Lesson" films (The Gym Lesson, The School Lesson etc) from Janus in 1978 & 1979. Oh my!!
    Great photos of nostalgic times, B, thank you!
    Brenda xx