Sunday, August 1, 2021

Buxiban part 6

The tests' aftermath had all the foreigners and Anglos, who had never been spanked, toeing the line. We orderly lined up in front of our classroom's pennant before entering the school. There was very little whispering when the supervisors requested silence.

We had all made sure to have pristine uniforms as at least two girls per class were randomly inspected every morning.

That day it was Lia and me. Our supervisor called, "Amelia step forward for uniform inspection."

I couldn't help blushing as she inspected my nails, my ears, my collar and pulled my tie to make sure that I had closed the top button of my blouse. Then came the dreaded order. "Raise your skirt."

I obeyed with a deep blush, and pulled my skirt up with both hands. I was to show that I am wearing the white uniform knickers. I knew that I shouldn't drop it before being told. Yesterday, Emma had her thighs smacked for having done that. "Drop your skirt, and back in line."

Today it was Miss Tan welcoming us in class. She started with a message from Miss Prim, the Principal, "We won't be punishing you for every infractions. We will issue punishment slips, to be returned the next day with the signature of your parents. Hopefully they will have punished you."

I was one of the first to be issued a pink slip for whispering in class. I had hardly said more than two words. "Amelia come to the front of the class to collect your punishment slip." Back at my desk I read it,

 Junior College Request for Parental Punishment

 Name of  pupil : Amelia

 Class : JC 1 B

Offense : Whispering in class

 Comments : With such a decisive school year we suggest the purchase of a mamak cane at your mini-mart...

 Signature of parents : .....................................................

I showed the pink slip to Isa, my Asian friend, "Whats a mamak cane?"

"Is a short cane, about sixty cm, its very stingy. Although it won't bruise, you will have vivid red marks for at least three days, when applied to your thighs. All of us have one at home."

I peered at the two red marks peeking below her skirt's hemline. She added, "Yes, it was last night, I had sassed Mum. She raised my skirt and, whack! wack! I would have preferred to be told to lower my knickers, and have more. Its so stingy on the thighs!"

Back home I handed my punishment slip to Mom. She wasn't too happy. She said that she should pull me by the ear till the mamak store. I was relieved that she didn't. The mamak store was quite small, and a capharnaüm of goods. It seemed to have everything, from frozen chicken to dish-washing tablets.

Mom asked loud and clear, "Would you have schoolgirl canes?" I blushed as I saw the old Chinese lady noticing that we are Anglos, and eyeing my school uniform.

She showed us a basket, with dozens of small canes, with colorful plastic crook handles.

Mom had me again blushing when she said, "Choose one, dearest." I was so embarrassed. I choose one with a pink plastic handle. I wanted to give it to the old lady, but instead of taking it she announced the price. Mum told me to pay for it.

The old lady repeated the price. I opened my coin purse, and paid her with my pocket money. She took the coins, and with broken English said, "Now you better be a good girl!" I thought that it couldn't get any worse, but it did. I had to carry my cane as we walked back home. I felt my ears blushing!

Once at home it was, "Lower your knickers, and elbow on the dinning room table."

"Please Mom."

"Do it now or you will be getting more!"

I obeyed, she raised my skirt and whacked my derriere. It was so stingy that I couldn't help jumping, and my knickers fell onto my ankles.

"Back in position real fast or it won't count!"

I got another one, and again jumped. She had one hand on the small of my back to keep me down, and I got three more. I was stomping my feet, and struggling so much, that the last stroke missed my bottom, and landed across my thighs. With my bum and thighs throbbing, I was in tears. She hung my cane in the kitchen, in full view of visitors. 

After having rubbed with Poppa's cream, I sat on my pillow for doing my homework. As I still felt the sizzling stripes, I applied myself with zeal.

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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1 comment:

  1. Lovely Tiger Moms gotten Mamak canes for their daughters - designed for bare botties too! Not meant to penetrate dresses, panties protective coverings.

    That awesome second photo of cute Mamak canes in all their colour & glory - for stern, remedial tickle-tail for naughty lil' princess brats with their panties pulled down at home. I sure approve. That photo would adorn my memoirs B, such pure essence of corporal punishment - harmless, strict intentions of necessary bare bottom whoopings!

    Oh my! Well, Amelia's mom takes her to buy a cane, then uses it on her bare botty immediately on returning home. What superhero Amelia's mother is, B!

    Among Atlanta's citizens, B, I gotten to meet fellow moms, female colleagues , daughters & my besties who gotten raised with the cane across their bare buttocks from their parents in yore. These girls were from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia & Nigeria et al.

    Unlike my fellow Americans (in general) these girls gotten chastised with the cane at home growing up, rather than the strap. And on their bare bottoms too, as a rule. Not unsurprisingly of course. There was no PC wishy-washy nonsense in their cultures concerning PC for daughters. The Nigerian girls notably, were very happy & relaxed to talk about their childhood bare bottom whoopings with the cane. Oh my!

    I was always discrete in my conversations with work colleagues & respected boundaries between corporate life/my vanilla life & my spanking research. In the UK, in the 1950s-80s, British girls also gotten their bare backsides caned at home in strict homes. I gleaned this information from Janus in the 1970s - readers letters and great articles. I always felt a strong affinity with girls who were raised with the cane (like me!!) from Nigeria, UK and Singapore. My corporation in Atlanta had a global presence, so female colleagues arriving from overseas gave me a chance for coffees, bourbon & nice chats where possible. Oh my! I love the global perspective on Buxiban... with lovely, kind, strict moms and naughty daughters feeling the nasty, cute mamak canes stinging hard upon the sensitive bare skin of their fairy-soft botties! Just as I did growing up in the 1960s Boo-Hoo! It was all normal & necessary for y'all, B.
    Lovely story, thanks, B.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx