Sunday, August 22, 2021

Buxiban part 9

The mamak cane was gathering dust. I was a good girl, and I had great grades. I had to admit that the fear of having my bottom well spanked or caned was keeping me on the right track. There was also the shame at eighteen to have my short uniform skirt reveal reddened thighs as a punished little girl. I guessed that Wei my boyfriend, with his smart junior navy cadet uniform, would be embarrassed to hold hands with a punished school girl. I was as my chum Emma more and more like our Asian friends Lila and Isia, well behaved and hardworking.
On school days I am up at 7, and out the door at 8 to have a few minutes to spare before the assembly bell. Today I left earlier because the roads were wet from torrential monsoon rain during the night. I saw that the light was orange and should stop, but the road was wet. I was afraid of skidding. I rose above the saddle and whooshed thru the intersection.
 I thought I had made it before the red light, but I heard a shrilling whistle. I braked and my bike skidded. It stopped skidding with hitting the curb, and I flew over the handlebar. I gently landed on the wet grass. I was helped up by a policewoman. "Young lady, you have ran a red light. May I have your identity card..."
She pressed a few keys onto some strange handheld device, and it printed a small ticket, which she gave me. "In a few days, your parents will receive a letter ordering them to pay a $200 fine. That fine will be accompanied with an appointment at your Juvenile Correction Center.
I was almost late for the morning assembly. My uniform dress was a mess, and I was sobbing. Our Supervisor came over and nicely asked, "What is it Amelia?"
"I got a ticket, sniff..."
I gave it to her, and she read, "Running a red light, $200 fine and JCC appointment in the mail."
"It was orange... sniff... I should have stopped... sniff... but the road was wet..."
I continued, " bike skidded... sniff... I flew over the handlebar and landed in wet grass... sniff... my knickers are wet..."
She told my friends to look after me. "Clean her dress and find some dry knickers for her to wear. I'll inform Miss Yew that you will be late."
They were very nice and 10 minutes later we were in class. Miss Yew repeated the start of the English grammar quiz for us.
Over the mid-morning break and lunch, I repeated the story of my misadventure for a few more friends. I also asked about the JCC.
"You will probably be caned or tawsed."
"They have several canes..."
"Considering your age, it will be a junior cane, similar to a mama cane, but whippier because longer. A mama cane is 40 to 50 cm and that junior cane will be 60 to 70 cm."
"Remember that it is her first appointment at the JCC."
"Yes, they will be lenient, but they will for sure give her a fiery bum!"
I wasn't too reassured.
Back home, Mum wasn't too happy. "$200!"
Poppa didn't care about the money, he was never concerned about money. He tried to be reassuring, "Your lovely buns will be decorated a day or two more than it would be with your mamak cane."
I still wasn't too reassured and hugged my teddy while waiting for sleep...

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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1 comment:

  1. The cane for y'all daughters around the world

    Love the mamak cane story, B. Oh my! When I left University & started my career in a large, global corp in Atlanta in the very early 1980s, I was lucky to start meeting my overseas colleagues & gain an exciting global perspective on life! This progressed over the decades! While discussing life experiences & upbringings with various female colleagues (away from office - over coffee, beers n bourbon) the subject of spanking & discipline might arise...hopefully! I was always discreet & professional, but there were few taboos or PC moments, back in the 1980s.

    I developed a wonderful, strong bond with various Nigerian girls, B. And also, the cane featured naturally for Asian girls who I gotten to know. I met girls from Singapore & Hong Kong - China was not a global trading nation in the early days. The Singapore/HK women would explain that in wealthier households, the loving but stern Filipino maids would administer the punishment to daughters with the cane. Dresses gotten raised & panties lowered, as whoopings were usually on bare buttocks. Again, this was simply par for the course & unquestioned back then,

    The involvement of maids & Spartan loco parentis spankings fascinated me. It was not what I was used to in Georgia, but maids did feature in Georgia in an earlier era (pre-WW2) & yes, they spanked daughters' bare bottoms.

    My SE Asian colleagues also gave me a perspective on the use of the cane in Malaysia, Indonesia & Japan. I was compelled to discover this in my early career, especially as Janus, Roue & Blushes focused solely on the UK, and Nu West was American based.

    The gorgeous, friendly Nigerian girls told me that the smack of the cane on their bare botties from strict parents was simply a right of passage growing up in Nigeria. Aspirations, education & achievements gotten high expectations & the cane on bare buttocks was just a crucial aspect of tough love & family life ....just as it was for me as a child. They said this was true across Africa, but especially Nigeria & the West African diaspora (largely based on oil revenues and British Commonwealth heritage.)

    I remember reading about the model, Penny, in Janus in the early 1980s, B. She was from Ghana & stated how she witnessed her girlfriends receive the cane at home. There was no specific mention of their bare botties per se, in Penny's interview sadly, but my Nigerian colleagues confirmed that the parental cane was usually administered on bare , sensitive-skinned bottoms for daughters at home. There was no PC wishy-washy wokerati nonsense, I was pleased to clarify !! Bare botty sure makes normal, perfect sense (that is how I gotten the cane from mom) & thank the Lord, is no surprise of course. Sadly, Penny did not make another appearance in Janus, apart from one very brief photo montage.

    I still have many girlfriends from Nigeria, s a result of corporate introductions originally. I so love their kind but no-nonsense approach as moms & citizens, & they so remind me of my beloved, conservative, super-strict, God-fearing "church moms" (church-spanker-moms, to be precise!!) who I grew up with, & was surrounded by as a child in Atlanta the 1960s. Those kind but Oh so Spartan moms would advocate whippings our bare, soft bare botties good n sore at every moment if we so much as misbehaved or answered back disrespectfully!!

    My sister & I gotten raised with the cane on our bare bottoms from mom throughout our childhood & teens in the 1960s/70s. It was just necessary, appropriate & normal, if salutary(!!) punishment in my book, B. Oh my! And so naturally, I was always keen to discover spanking in wider, global contexts, which working n Atlanta fortunately gave me. Seeing the lovely successful Asian & Nigerian/African women have me a good insight into the "parents who care, cane", philosophy. And caning bare bottoms too, already, so it seems, for y'all daughters' goody two-shoes accountability, responsibility & respect for others!
    CP good. PC bad.
    Hugs n thanks, B.
    Brenda xx