Saturday, August 28, 2021


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Do visit our friend Devlin O'Neill who started a new story

Little Red Riding Drawers


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  1. Love the second drawing, B - a traditional Scottish father disciplines his two recalcitrant daughters in the appropriate fashion. I sure do approve & I love the sober normality of this picture.

    "a guid skelpin' on your bare backsides with my Lochgelly tawse, for you two lassies."

    Same context for that final picture. Good Ol' Scottish justice, B. I recall that most lovely Scottish Janus girl, Sheena, in the early 1980s; who detailed in her interview, the bare botty spankings she gotten with the tawse from her father growing up. I think the last drawing here accompanied the interview, Oh my!

    Eilean Beithe - Oh my! Sooo love it. A lush first drawing, B. Looking forward to seeing all the EB drawings again. Lovely girl here. Sadly her pretty boater hat will remain in situ for the cane :-)
    but alas, her tartan skirt will be hoisted & her knickers will be adjusted due south to meet her school socks for 12 strokes on a bare botty. I gotten that cane on the bare the same at home a whole bunch from mom in the 60s (but never spanked at school.)
    Wonderful art, B. Thanks.
    Brenda xx