Thursday, October 21, 2021

A few Janus cover

(Adults only)

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  1. Mesmerising B, soooo love these all, thank you.

    The last cover is awesome. I remember seeing this Janus cover with lovely, cheeky missy, prominently pouting on the shelf in the late 1970s. As someone who gotten raised in the 1960s/70s with corporal punishment as a normal thing, I found this cover both authentic & stunning. It is actually from December 1976! Oh my!! I loved her voluptuous, pouty, fair-skinned bum (after my own heart ha-ha)...and she's got even some good Ol' Southern sun tan lies already ha-ha!

    Oh my! I especially loved the covers (not shown here) of vol 8 no 11, vol 8 no 12 & vol 9 no 1 (Nov & Dec 1979 & Jan 1980 respectively) which showed naughty girls having their bare botties caned! I found this so powerful & beyond visceral as a student back then (seeing them on the shelf in the store) as I had gotten punished the exact same way with the cane by mom in yore. It was just a normal whooping in our house for sister & me. Oh my!

    I love your covers shown here B. All impossibly nostalgic. Boo-Hoo!
    Hugs n spanks,
    Brenda xx

  2. Added, plus the one in the hay /me winks
    B xx

  3. WOW! Oh my! Wonderful. Thank you B :-)
    Why yes! The Riding lesson edition. Sensational! I sure noticed that cover on the shelf!! That was March 1979 edition. Again, it had such an emotional effect on me, as did all those 1979 covers you have added.

    Janus & those covers & stories was normal, factual reporting for me & could have just been the New York Times, as far as I was concerned ha-ha! Seriously, B. I had never not know corporal punishment. I sure ended up like that Lil' Miss Susie Illsley daughter over father's knee exactly like that in yore (Yup! What no clothes on my botty for a skelping?!! Nope!! Boo-Hoo!) What an amazing authentic photo it was, B. Great pioneering film too, if slightly farcical. For me The School Lesson was the absolute gem of a gamechanger in 1979 (cover - as you have shown, second from last). Also, as a Southern belle myself, the daughter's superb bare bottom spanking in the hay barn had a touch of the Georgia woodshed about it. Again, stern, factual, authentic spanking translations across the Pond, B!

    The last cover above. Oh my! One of my fave photos of all time (great film) This was as near as it gets to replicating the experience of seeing my sister get the cane from my mom, Brigitte. YUP! Knickers down, breeze on the botty moment. I saw my sister gotten it a lot in yore. And likewise, this cute daughter here (bunches replete) has even gotten our trademark tan lines & dazzling-white, fair skinned botty ha-ha! Soon to be rouge!! Just like my sister & me gotten. The cane on a bare bum from mother was normal, de rigueur, if we were bad (naughty steps were light years away in 1970s Georgia!)

    Again, third from last cover, the SMACK of the cane on bare, white buttocks, framed by tan lines. With red knicks due south. Par for the course, B & a familiar scene in our living room in the 1960s/70s all matching in strict Spartan reality. I found this Janus cover more than visceral. It was like my sister had taken a photo of me receiving mother's tickle-tail with the rod, after I had goofed around in Church. Oh my!

    Your Blog is very much essential to my mindset & mindfulness, B. And so back to that School Lesson cover, Fall 1979 (well, December edition).
    Is this my favourite image of all time ? For sure it could be!
    Naughty bare schoolgirl botties gotten caned at school in this awesome Janus edition & the film. It translated so perfectly well, into my own experience of CP growing up (cane to bare botty at home from mom, not at school obviously!) & so I was stunned & excited to see this Janus edition & of course, the actual film itself. Oh my! This is all so truly wonderful, B, thank you. I could keep on writing for ever about these covers, already :-)

    These 1979 covers (& all the late 1970s covers) showed such realistic & visceral photos & scenes.
    Big hugs, spanx n thanx.
    Brenda xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments dear Brenda, and later today, Saturday for drawing day, we will have a few toons.
    Huggs back B xx