Saturday, October 23, 2021

Mommy's princess


Its written on her knickers, and clever Mommy has pinned her skirt up.

(Adults only)

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  1. A brats reunion? Perhaps I ought to attend!

  2. Princess Brats in Peril. YIKES!!

    Super montage, B, thank you :-)

    "Its written on her knickers, and clever Mommy has pinned her skirt up."

    Oh my! Clever, clever mommy. So kind but fierce. A redoubtable, no-nonsense, hard-working super-hero mom, saving the world from exasperating, high-maintenance, lil' princess brats, running amok!
    Why, yes, there's only one solution, already, B!

    I love your quote above, your incisive narrative underscoring this vignette, B.
    And, Oh my! Sooooooo love those cutey, bubble gum-pink, perfect princess panties. She's a naughty lil' missy in distress. In appropriate peril!

    Born late 1950s, & growing up in an arch-conservative, strict, religious house; I was not actually allowed to wear pretty pink princess panties, B!!! ZUT ALORS!!

    Oh no! Sister & me had to wear sensible, conservative, church-compliant, dazzling-white, cotton, 1950s, traditional, full-sized, princess panties: mom gotten a job lot from the store. But alas, no fear, they still gotten pulled down to our knees the same when our naughty botties needed to feel mom's TLC with the spanky-stick!!

    Drawing one - reminds me of my cheerleading & tennis in yore, B. Super, fun times, but strict undercurrents prevailed. And the threat of a well-smacked bottom always hang heavy in the ether. It was normal. Even in our princess sports: top down authority, protocol & social mores were crushing. And bottom up too (pun intended!)

    So! That lovely last drawing, again - Spankings in the park.
    Oh yes!!
    So love that specimen of a fine, god-fearing mommy! What a hero she is ?! Atlanta was spanking central in the 1960s, B. Alfresco whoopings in public were normal & ubiquitous...I later called them Martini spankings: "any time, any place, any where!"

    ...and compulsive viewing for y'all, of course! My naughty besties gotten their pretty, Southern belle dresses hoisted, & their soft, cotton panties whoosehd down for "the breeze on the botty" moment. And then mom's hard, industrious hand or a handy hairbrush from her purse ("mommy's best friend) would turn a sensitive-skinned, dazzling-bright, swishy-white botty to a shade of Georgia sundowner. Boo-Hoos a bunch. Scary, intriguing & compulsive viewing for y'all for sure. Oh my! But it was simply normal back then, B.

    Most Surprisingly, sister & me never gotten spanked in public (mom was against it, despite being one of the sternest)...I sure wish we had ha-ha! Oh my! Naturally, we gotten chastised back at home if we had misbehaved in the park, store, mall or parking lot!

    And so we recalcitrant daughters endured an uncomfortable, eternal wait & journey home, before our fairest, bare, marshmallow botties could have a well-deserved meeting with mommy's cane in the living room!
    Oh my! Good strict times. Lovely memories.
    Great sequence, B, thanks & spanks to ya!
    Brenda xx

  3. You had more than high school French. One doesn't use zut and alors together with only high school French!
    B winks

  4. No spankings for me then B, in Victoriana part 2, already ha-ha!
    Well, I am a Francophile for sure, B, albeit it more culturally immersed rather than say, linguistically per se.

    Of course, as you well know, the American South has gotten many a lovely French association: New Orleans, Louisiana, Cajun & Creole cooking et al. And many deeper contexts, besides, of course.
    And I ask myself, is Jambalaya a derivative of Bouillabaisse, already ? :-)

    Also, when we Southern belles went to a smart Church service in our finery, bonnets & was like La Belle Epoque already! :-)

    Oh my! As a strictly raised, 1950s born, Christian girl, AKA typical daughter from the South, I find it so easy & fascinating to imagine myself standing (all quivering & trembling) in a rural, Gascony kitchen, my dress hoisted, my knickers at half mast & my chubby, alabaster-white, sensitive-skinned botty completely bare, awaiting a grand skelping with le martinet from my angry, exasperated maman!

    Zut Alors! Well, that was just normal, harmless & necessary in France, for daughters, thank the Lord, not so very long ago! I imagine the maternal CUL NU & Deculotte commands, ringing in my ears & stinging on my poor botty bots! That would be normal.
    Hugs n spanks, B.
    Brenda xx

  5. Yes, the south was French and still French influenced, and they are proud and attached to their heritage.
    B :)