Saturday, November 6, 2021

Colorized classic drawings


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(Adults only)

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  1. Thanks, was a surprise to find those colorized classic !

  2. Awesome selection, B. I remember these the first time around in black n white. The coloured versions are crushingly cute! Priceless :-)

    I so remember & love the first couple. Naturally, it translated for me as my mother whooping my sister & me in yore (exactly like that!!) but of course the Janus contexts covered both school & home. I found them mesmerising & compelling in the late 1970s/early 80s, & so authentic too.

    Love the white panties being pulled down (drawing 2) for the appropriate, red botty treatment! " Yes, I sure am gonna pull your knickers down for the cane, young lady! It was not your knickers that misbehaved. You sure have earned your stripes, just like your partner in crime!". Boo-Hoos a bunch!

    The third drawing is an essential classic. Oh my! Again an accurate portrayal of my strict 1960s upbringing, when the smack of the cane on my bare botty was simply par for the course at home. Paula's initial sketches in the early 80s were just sooooo fabulous & they acutely contextualised corporal punishment in a realistic, true setting.

    Paula's Spartan CP details in her early pictures, were legendary (like picture 3 here: the expressions, body positions, surrounding furniture & bottom stripes/rubbing here.) Most stingy & visceral!

    Alas, sadly, by the mid 1980s, Paula's drawings had morphed into bland, corporate, light-hearted, vanilla spanking scenes & the austere, scary, authenticity of her pioneering CP work gotten completely lost!

    Final drawing makes me laugh, already. For sure B, y'all girls compared notes & debates on our spankings...but not quite like this ha-ha! Oh my!
    Lovely, nostalgic, iconic drawings with beautiful new colours, thank you, B.
    Brenda xx