Thursday, November 25, 2021

Martinet UK vintage magazine

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  1. Oh my! She's even gotten the suntan lines & a snow white botty, B!! ha-ha :-)
    (a Southern signature trait, B!)
    Yup! That's me or my sister in yore! Oh my!

    Well, Happy Spanksgiving to ya, B (literally) Does her pudgy, pale, fairy-soft bottom look like a plump turkey that needs a darn good roastin'?

    Moreover, are photos 1 & 2 my fave phots of all time ? Wow! They sure are as true to form & as close to my whoopings from mom as can ever be. I vividly recall this series of images ( & associated film) from Janus in January 1980, B!!!

    Oh my! Forty two years' ago, nearly!! There was lil' Ol' me, just turned 21, with my essential magazines: Country music (of course!!) yellow n pinky-punk rock Janus & Roue !! The first photo was the front cover of Janus January 1980, Volume 9, number one. I was stunned. Like mother like daughter - that was me or my sister receiving the cane from mom in the 1960s & 70s. That was the punishment. Groundings sure did not exist in our house! In fact, they were light years' away for my besties at church, in Georgia & in the USA, already!

    So love those Ol' fashioned 1950s' Carter's style, soft, cotton, full-sized, dazzling-white, traditional panties. Yup! That is exactly what sister & I wore. And when we were naughty they gotten pulled down just enough (above knees as shown) to uncover our chubby, bare, dazzling-white botties for a whuppin' with the rod (thin, flexible, quality rattan cane) Mom never spared the rod. Stung like Hell on Earth. Photo 2 - Ouchiees to sensitive botty!? Yes, check. Hands to soothe ? (No! Remove at once, young lady!) Harmless Hell I call it, B. And we girls sure deserved it.

    Those first two photos define my memoirs (pictures n words) & my vivd memories, B. A well-smacked, bare, red bottom was just a normal fact of life for y'all!!

    Oh my! A truly Spanktastic, Spartan & authentic, evidential post, B, thank you.
    And as the Janus editors said throughout Volumes 8 & 9 and other editions: "naughty daughters should be given a "sensible, panties down caning" at home". Sure thing, B! Normal. Necessary. Simples.
    Brenda xx

  2. Spankgiving to you dear Brenda !
    Was Martinet also published buy Janus ?
    Those 3 pics are found with both Janus Vol 9/1 and Martinet
    The last one might have also been published by Janus ?
    hugs and xx B

  3. Yes B, there seemed to be some collaboration between Martinet & Janus. But maybe Janus were just promoting their films, stills & advertorials :-)

    Oh my! For example, I so vividly remember the wonderful pioneering Janus film, Late for School, (featuring a buxom blond schoolgirl's big, chubby botty that gotten bared & caned, sadly!) which was in both Janus & Martinet. This silent Janus film from way back in 1977, was soooo pioneering, being a year or two before The Riding, Gym & School Lesson films from Janus; & prior to Nu West's silent Cindy Films of 1979.

    Martinet & London Life both had good realistic photos that I adored, but the stories were disappointing. I always spent my rare, few, hard-earned dollars on Janus & Roue, already!

    Oh my! Moreover, B, I always wanted realistic fact-based reporting & narratives on CP, including sensible readers' letters; not fantasy-focused or sexual contexts. Janus & Roue gotten the much purer CP focus & authenticity in the late 1970s, early 80s. Spanking was very real for y'all Southern girls!! It was a rite of passage. So I wanted no bizarre, fantasy nonsense or farce!
    Thanks, B. Hugs.
    Brenda xx