Saturday, November 27, 2021

Big mustache

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

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  1. Red Necks. Red Bottoms.

    Yeah, my besties pops' looked just like this, B, ha-ha!
    Scary!!! "I'll take the skin of your backside, my girl!"
    Good Ol' southern justice upon the orthodox surface AKA ya bare ass!

    I love this artist, B: Alt Cor. For me, he sure captures the rite of passage for girls in Georgia & the South. Scary humour for sure!
    My fave is the second picture: Lil' Miss Tanya Hyde. Boo-Hoo! Just too authentic, already! I love the snuggy-positioned panties & shorts, plus the cutey white ankles socks n pinky-punky sneakers. And her wonderful, alarmed expression & her fairy-chubby botty looks just all too squishy-white & vulnerable, already. Boo-Hoo! Her attitude sure gotten adjusted, B!

    I saw a whole bunch of bare bottom spankings that my girlfriends gotten in the 1960s & 70s - in homes, at church, in store, in the park...& the parking lot. It was just normal!
    Alt Cor brings it all home for y'all.

    I was never a Red Neck, B - I wore a sun hat :-)
    But I sure was a Red Botty for much of the time!!
    As my wise, strict mother used to say to sister & me from a young age about red skin on parts of our anatomy!! "Sunburn is harmful. Spankings are harmless!"
    ..."And they are both avoidable."
    Sure thing, B! Hugs n thanks.
    Brenda xx

  2. I also like the last one for the link. Hard to choose, they all have something /me winks
    Love the sunburn and spanking comments !
    Hugs xx B

  3. I love AltCor's works. He is a very talented and dedicated artist that I've actually commissioned from before. The last one used for the link is definitely one of my favourites of his.

    I know he really wants to create a game at some point so fingers crossed on that front.

  4. I also love his work ! I sure hope that he won't be upset with me using his drawings. O&P isn't a business, it is free.