Saturday, December 18, 2021

AWOL its the cane !


You are invited to role-play with us !

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

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  1. Silence Speaks

    Glorious, B. Oh my! What visceral memories, again. Another mesmerizing experience over the years. I do so remember the launch of this, nearly 41 years' ago: The Prefects Lesson - the fifth "Lesson" film by Janus & George Harrison Marks & indeed the first British Spanking film with sound in the Spring of 1981.

    The sound was over-dubbed. It was a Super 8mm film like the others & like Nu West from my American side. Oh my! It was effectively like "The School Lesson Part 2", The School Lesson being an awesome silent film from 1979.

    So love the photos, especially the last two. Cane to bare botty ? Yup! That was how I gotten punished by my mother growing up in the 1960s/70s. It was normal, B. The rod was never spared in yore. It was also normal, Spartan discipline for girls at home in the UK, as those wise, old Janus editors reported in the late 1970s: naughty daughters should be punished with "a sensible panties-down caning." Sure thing, B!

    Love that final picture of Jane being caned above (like watching my sister getting a whuppin' at home) The other girl, Lucy, also featured in the very first edition of "New Janus", also in that same year in 1981. I was a big fan of Lucy back in the day. This was in the days before the models were actually named as "spanking celebrities", like Sophie Fennington n Sheena McBride etc all were in later years.
    Great memories!! Love the Ol' fashioned 1950s, white, cotton, fleecy knickers too, B. "Church-compliant", I called them many eons ago! Oh my! Thanks n hugs n smackies, B.
    Brenda xx

  2. I am impressed by your Janus knowledge! I am way behind...
    1965 part 2 posted, wish I could have the pics be more 1965 like...
    Hugs and spanks!
    B xxx