Friday, April 8, 2022



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  1. Ouchiees to botties

    "Why, that Lil' Miss Scarlet-Claudette has gotten the fairest-white botty in all of Les Banlieues. But no man has ever seen it save for her strict papa!"

    Sure thing, B! Thanks to God-darn chaperones n curfews!!!
    (I sure approve ha-ha!)
    This series is absolutely beyond sensational, B. Thank you a bunch :-)

    I have not seen this montage, already, B! Zut Alors!
    And so I ask myself, "pray, why exactly have I NOT seen this already ?!" ha-ha!

    Oh my! Love this to bits. So if a picture paints a thousand words, then these six photos would gladly introduce my memoirs, B! And photos 3 and 4 would define the front cover, already. Fabulous!
    Indeed, I could swap this botty-licence for my poetic licence :-)

    Such a simple, familiar routine above, B: harmless & necessary - Janus's New Moral Order in six steps. Whatever she did to make papa mad, she won't do again in a hurry! And she will not be sayin' "Yeah! LIKE, WHATEVER!" any time soon ?!
    Oh my! That Scarlet-Claudette was as good as gold! A right lil' angel.

    "Why, yes, and now (after a baker's dozen) you can finally have yourself some reflective, quality time on the naughty step, young lady!"

    Boo-Hoos a bunch. Alas, B, I always found a "grounding" more effective after a bare bottom caning, rather than instead of!! Boo-Hoo :-(
    Albeit, they were not called groundings in the 1960s, naturally! Oh dear! Woe is me!
    A truly awesome post, B, thanks n spanks.
    Big Huggies, Brenda xx

  2. ""I could swap this botty-licence for my poetic licence""
    Hahahaha great line!!
    Hugs and thnks for that lovely comment :-)
    B xx