Saturday, May 21, 2022

A visit to the Grand Bazar...


 You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

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 Further more our friend Asa at Spanking Emporium is publishing our four hands story :

Marie and Jean met Lucy and George part 9

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  1. Le Martinet is an essential artefact in y'all French households, B.
    Like le baguette, du vin, le fromage, les fruits. Bien sur :-)
    Soooooo love the photos on Part 9 on Asa. Oh my! The panties down, bare botty smackies with the cane sure take me back to my 1960s childhood discipline. Boo-Hoo! The cutey-,blue and navy cotton-soft knickers are lovely..duly lowered sadly! And the awesome third photo could certainly be the front cover of my memoirs, B :-)
    All powerful and visceral, thank you.
    Hugs, Brenda xx

  2. Dear Brenda have you worked your French with reading the text ?
    Hug n smacks ;-)
    B xx

  3. Dearest B, it's a delightfully cute denouement :-)
    Try the Martinet for size folks ?
    Sadly my French does not allow for a perfect translation, B, ha ha! But I sure do love it. And I sure gotten the message: and whilst I am an advocate of strong, positive feminism, it does not negate the fact that naughty girls need their bare botties skelped to keep their attitudes adjusted...And to engender those feminist calls to action! That is how I gotten raised.

    (I think that is the type of strident, independent feminism that my mother taught me in the 1960s with her scolding and then her cane on my bare bum! No ambivalence. No contradiction. CP good. PC bad.)
    Brenda xx

  4. Your French sure was good enough as you understood the feminist ambivalence ! Bravo! You got an A!
    B xx

  5. An A is exciting, thank you kindly, B.
    Albeit an F is even more exciting ;-)
    Brenda xx