Thursday, June 2, 2022

Rubbing and brat dance

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  1. Beyond delightful, B.
    Naughty Miss Sarah Winchester (AKA Rosaleen Young final photo) is about to do the stingy-botty-switchy-hoppy dance! Sensational photo.
    Fascinatingly, she did this in real life too a bunch, having been raised in a strict Presbyterian family, where cane to bare botty was the normal medicine , rather than the naughty step for Sarah! I sure got an affinity there already , B, ha -ha! Oh my!

    I soooo love the first photo, B. Veru authentic. "Now get your naughty, bare backside across that sofa for a baker"s dozen with my cane, already", said Aunty. She was real mad! Oh dear, I remember that in yore, B, ruefully!

    All these girls evidence the rather, scary, uncomfortable prospect and benefit of panties-pulled down for a whooping, without compromise or exception, B. Par for the course!
    Lovely! Thanks n smackabotties.
    Brenda xx

  2. Hiya dear friend, your fav has to be Rosaleen!
    I love the detail of the yellow rubber bands for her braids.
    Would you know where to find the full pic for n°3?
    Hugs and smacks :-)
    B xx

  3. Yes, love the braids. Authentic!
    Rosaleen's naughty botty is resident on and on Elizabeth Simpson's "smack my bottom" website.
    Not sure of exact source for photo, B.
    Hugs n treats.
    Brenda xx

  4. Definitely agree with Brenda about naughty rosaleen, perfect after spanking reactions the way she hops about rubbing her smarting bottom