Saturday, August 20, 2022

A few classic drawings, Carlo, Herric, Herouard

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  1. These are awesome B. I've not seen these already!! I so like these strict French contexts.

    Number 1 is a fave. And already celebrated a few times on your blog, B. Papa is chastising the seat of learning.

    Number 2 is corporal punishment perfectly defined, B. Her naughty bare backsides soundly skelped. Simple yet powerful image.

    Drawing 3 by Carlo is delicious, B. Love the rather well-defined, plumply-swelling bottom of the girl, escaping in the distance, her stark, chubby rotundities on show with her dress & petticoat raised in the breeze of flight....accentuating the prospect of chastisement of that curvy target with the martinet. Naturally, those two pairs of cutey-cotton, white drawers will be pulled down to their knees, to uncover the two girls' bare, fairy-soft botties to feel maman's martinet upon their sensitive, alabaster-white cheeks. This is the true, Ol' fashioned French tradition. Maman is real mad!!!

    Number 4 - I guess maman has gotten to pull down a naughty girl's drawers for a good, bare bottom spanking al fresco in public. Some things simply cannot wait, B. Spontaneity rules here!!
    I witnessed such a scene many times in the Atlanta parks in the 1960s & 70s.

    Why, I sure love the bare buttocks for the cane on number 5, and the long drawers duly pulled apart for punishment. Oh my! Perfect!
    Hugs n thanks, B.
    Brenda xx

  2. Yes, the first one is a fav, but I also love number 7. It has spontaneity and an al fresco feel.
    Hugs :)
    B xx